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Roan Mohan
Luminous & Bright
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ROH-ahn Muh-AHN
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Physical Features

4'9" (2" when shifted into pocket-sized), the fae musician is well aware that his kind has no necessity for aspirations of physical height, which was totally why he was born with wings!
125lbs when soaking wet. Lithe and yet not without musculature, Roan is built for travel and flight, comfortable with self-defense, fierce and wiry enough to carry himself well in combat, even if he'd tell you he's much more of a lover than a fighter.
Deep earth tones like fresh loamed earth with hints of green at his extremities (ears, fingers, toes), Roan appears like a creature of the deep forests of his home.
Wild and free, Roan's hair is a mixture of greens and blonds with a hint of blue tones, worn in a cacophony of braids and dreadlocks with baubles and bright beads woven in, shaved close on the sides of his skull, often in intricate patterns. The mess of his hair falls just below his shoulders, but he will often wear it up with a scarf to keep it from his face.
Almond-shaped and slanted, Roan's eyes are a rich and verdant green.
Other Features

Roan's wings are incandescent and large, shaped more like moth's wings and scaled in a similar fashion, mostly in shades of greens and golds with a hint of blue in the sun. One could compare them to a lunar moth, but the truth is, they're his own and as unique as he is (mind you, he is very biased).

Roan's ears are pierced, as is his septum, and he has a penchant for silver earrings, rings, and dangling necklaces. He has a love for sashes and scarfs and tends to dress with a sense of motion and flow to his choices of garments. His most precious of belongings would be his beautiful mandolin, carved of dark wood as if sculpted of his own flesh and inlaid with silver details of the night sky and constellations.

Social Interactions

Relationships and Companions

Roan was raised in a home that did not lack in love: his mother, father, and sister are all still alive and well. He's certainly not lacking in friends, either—or, at least the musician would like to say he already has friends waiting wherever he wanders (and he tends to live his life under this assumption whether it's true or not).


Roan is best described as luminous and bright, brimming with an indomitable cheer that seems to ooze from his pores like some halo of light around a full moon on a clear night. He lives his life like it was a song, aware that some days you're stuck between the beats or dragged downtempo, but other days you're at the height of a crescendo and all the universe is in glorious tune. He lives for the ups and downs and inbetweens; there is very little that seems to discourage Roan, let alone scare him.

He's curious, adventurous, and never one to shy away from a challenge; the type of creature who will try it twice, just to make sure. Gregarious and kind, the fae musician is also not a fool, even if he's often assumed one. His heart isn't as easy to win, for trust is hard in a dangerous world, but Roan would rather give those around him the benefit of the doubt than he would make more enemies because there's enough out there to be afraid of. Well, unless you're Roan Mohan, of course.


Dainyil, Ixaziel, Ny'tha, Ristgir


Ninraih, originally.
Where the music takes me.

The son of a watch chef and a skilled hunter, Roan was the third and last child of his small family, always known to be the more mischevious out of his siblings. He grew up helping around the bustling place, whether it was in the kitchens, stealing tidbits, or hunting alongside his cousins and friends, stalking the jungles and flitting about the trees.

A daydreamer, Roan was drawn to music at an early age and instead of fighting him for focus, his parents acquiesced to him honing his talents, perhaps expecting him to find his place among his people through song. There was only one problem, really, the boy had no interest in sitting still. Curious and full of an indescribable wanderlust, he simply couldn't be contained in one place for long. Eventually, the young fae packed his things and set off into the rest of the world in hopes of being a solution to the dangerous problems, to be a luminous beacon of hope, and to see what all there was to see.

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