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Perhaps you've found on a bug on the site or want to request a new feature to Khy'eras? Or maybe there's a continuity error in the lore? For any problems or comments, let us know here!
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Submit Suggestions or Issues

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We'd love to hear any questions, concerns, problems, or ideas that you might have regarding Khy'eras. However, in order to give the best answer possible, we need help. Below are two templates - each serving a different purpose - that you can copy and paste into your message when creating a topic in this forum. It is not necessary, but it is strongly recommended to include the information in the forms below.

If you are not comfortable posting here and would rather send a personal message, please contact staff.


These topic icons are to be added by the admin and moderators after a topic has been submitted in this forum.
  • Circle Check - Completed.
  • Light Bulb - Planned
  • Circle X - Denied.

Code: Select all

[b]Type:[/b] (Is this suggestion technical, lore, user, character, or other?)
[b]Summary:[/b] (In a few short words, what is being proposed?)


(Why would you like to see this idea or feature implemented?)

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[b]Type:[/b] (Is this issue technical, lore, user, character, or other?)
[b]Browser:[/b] (Mostly for technical types, tell us the browser where the problem was encountered.)
[b]Screenshot:[/b] (After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.)


(Fully explain the problem.)

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