Favored Weapons:
All combat weapons leaning less towards two-handed types
Favored Armor:
Heavy, medium, and light with all types of shields
Magic Aptitude:
Does not use spells
Stat Modifiers:
3 HP, 1 MP


Ever since the races of Khy'eras needed to protect themselves both in the wilds and in their homes, Fighters have made a consistent and central presence in history. Though the name of the class sounds simple, Fighters are complex and spend their waking moments and lives honing their skills in weaponry (may it be one or many) and the techniques of combat. These warriors can be defensive - marching forward with unrivaled courage before their allies - or offensive - masters of blades and fatal moves. Fighters are not mere bodies to be bloodied; throughout the course of time they have been soldiers, teachers, leaders, and scholars in their area of expertise.

While familiarity of weapon(s) is of the utmost importance to a Fighter, they devote unique skill development to each weapon. While these techniques have been carried down from Fighter to Fighter, each person frequently evolves skills and creates abilities that surprise enemies. Because of their flexibility and knowledge with arms, in unexpected situations, Fighters adapt and use objects which may seem ordinary, as weapons. Essentially, Fighters are masters of survival, and will change their environment to make them come out on top - as champions.