General Location:
Northwest Khy'eras
Approximate Size:
1190 (width) x 1715 (height) square miles


To those who have traveled the whole of Khy'eras, countless voices would say that without a doubt, Tviyr is the richest and most pleasing of all the regions. While the eastern side of it is laced with the start of thick jungle foliage, there is a decent expanse of grassland and forest. Moving to the northwestern edge, one would find ocean waves meeting shores of golden and white colored sand. And, there is nothing quite like watching the sunset diminish across the horizon as a person heads into Fellsgard.

As for climate, the temperature is usually warm year-round (about 75 to 80 degrees), though there are times when the land cools due to snow drift from the Slyscera Mountains and the ocean breezes become chilly at night. Rain is present enough as well, keeping the blades of grass that cover Tviyr's land green and lengthy.

Places of Interest

When passing through the region of Tviyr, even a tiny bit of knowledge on the area should assist a person as they step foot onto the land. After all, unfamiliarity with one's whereabouts may prove troublesome.

  • City or town. The location tends to be a meeting place for civilization.

  • Exploration point. These places will typically contain less folk, but are worth exploring for capable wanderers.


Fellsgard is the foundation of Khy'eras' history - a mark in time where Cecilia the Hero began a battle that would finally defeat Bhelest. Through years of reconstruction, it has become a vibrant and lively city. Copious people have decided to reside in this city due to things like the mild climate of Tviyr, range of occupations, and its relative safety and stability. Others have started adventures from Fellsgard where the markets provide plentiful supplies. In some regards it is a forgiving city where the poor is welcome, but those who use magic freely, on the other hand, are deemed dangerous. Read more...

Verdant Row
Verdant Row

Depending on the day, Verdant Row can be either chaotic or peaceful to the fatigued adventurer. This town serves as a temporary stop between many of Khy'eras' cities where a person can easily refuel by catching a few winks of sleep and grabbing a bite to eat. Since Verdant Row is managed by spirits who have little interest in human affairs, brawls tend to break out and are settled between living, self-aware passerbys. If there is nothing troublesome in the air, one might find their stay in Verdant Row quite lovely, as it is in an area that is surrounded by a river, cliffs overlooking the ocean, grasslands, and mountains. Read more...

Ordinuad River

Central river that runs through and branches off into various zones in Khy'eras.

The Serpent Kin

Dual, neighboring segments of the Ordinuad River that run through the mountains.

Slyscera Mountains

Mountain chain that extends from the northern to southeastern tips of Khy'eras. Especially in Irtuen Reaches, the mountains are treacherous and rarely traveled.