Known As:
Respite of the Soul
General Location:
Southern edge of Tviyr
Approximate Size:
80 (width) x 60 (height) square miles


Constructed not so far in the past, Verdant Row is a relatively recent mark on Khy'eras' map. It is not a city at all, but more or less a place for travelers to stop, rest, and restock their supplies. In the past, when a person journeyed to Fellsgard, Ajteire, or Domrhask the road was dangerous. As there was no safe haven to pause, many succumbed to exhaustion and were picked off by wildlife, beasts, or the vicious undead. Suffice to say, walking or hiking around the realm was not a simple task for the everyday person (and some would argue that it still isn't).

Despite the purpose of Verdant Row - to help travelers - the origins of it are curious to most folk. As history goes, a merchant was headed from Fellsgard to Ajteire and fell ill during his trek. He decided to rest along the riverside that ran south through the Slyscera Mountains to the edge of Khy'eras' oceans. Instead of regaining his strength, fatigue got the better of him. While his physical life was finished and his body decayed, the man was not quite ready to leave Khy'eras.

After Bhelest's undead army was defeated, spirits were rarely, if ever, seen. The merchant's body transformed into the energy of a spirit and bound to continue his duty as a trader of wares, he remained at his place of death and to sell his goods. At first, people who were approached ran screaming from the area as they did not know how to respond. Eventually though, folks came to visit the merchant out of sheer curiosity and even made purchases.

Other spirits had been silently watching what the merchant was doing. As the merchant's presence became accepted, the spirits filtered out from the forests, earth, and rivers where they had been hiding. They were weary of clinging to Khy'eras and not remembering their purpose; they wanted to assist. Joining the merchant in his plight, the apparitions constructed buildings such as inns, stores, and taverns - anything that would help others on their path to wherever they were headed. Verdant Row, a stop for the living, became a place managed by the peaceful undead.

No longer were people dying off during travel. With Verdant Row, a person could branch off and make way to the other major cities and be well prepared for the journey. Situated at the edge of Tviyr's boundaries, Verdant Row is nestled by a wide river, vibrant trees, and to the south, cliffs overlook the crashing waves of the ocean.


Regarding the idea of community in Verdant Row, there really is none to be had. This is due to a few reasons. The first being that spirits are not able to understand what the concept of emotion is, thus they focus on their business alone, often dismissive of what goes on around them. The second reason is that the denizens of Khy'eras are usually passing through Verdant Row and never stay long enough to establish any culture.

Yet, this does not mean that the town is stagnant. There are establishments in Verdant Row where people discuss trading, what they saw along the roads, where they are going, and any other topic to pass the time. And of course, there are taverns and the occasional bar fight and commotion to be had - if you like watching that sort of thing.


The spirits that keep watch over Verdant Row do not sleep, so there is no permanent housing or residential areas. However, there are at least three different inns if a traveler is comfortable with staying. Many of the initial buildings of Verdant Row had no blueprints to go with their construction, therefore the layouts are abstract, disjointed, and completely unexpected. (See Heartbroken Socks Inn.) For those that are undeterred by the architecture, as passerby are always on the move, there is typically a place for the next wanderer to check in for the night and a bed to sleep on.


Much like Fellsgard, there are a few ways to get to Verdant Row. Due to the size of the town, there is one airship port which has limited, scheduled take-off times going to/from:

Seeing that Fellsgard is relatively close, people find paying the fare for that ticket is a waste of money. There is also one train station that has two different destinations:

Aside from that, people can easily get to Verdant Row by walking, using a horse, or whatever common travel method they so choose.


The best way to describe Verdant Row's leadership is "untamed", as there is no one person in charge. The town was founded by spirits and while they maintain the establishments, their involvement stops there. They have little interest in politics or government. Instead, a visitor to Verdant Row is left entirely to their own devices and the consequences of any actions (whether good or bad) are always unknown. Should a person commit a crime, it is up to other people to stop them... or help that person finish the task at hand.

Views on Magic

Those who choose to stay in Verdant Row are rarely effected by the presence of magic. Seldom have people determined that there is an influence of spiritual magic over the town, but the rest counter that the undead presence has nothing to do with magical energy. The spirits persist as they have an aimless hold on the realm of the living - nothing more or less.

As people travel through the town quickly and stop for brief periods of rest, there is usually no witness to magic. In some cases, folk that do linger on catch glimpses of rowdy mages who either want use their magic to show off with tricks or burn one of the buildings down. Like all situations in Verdant Row, people are generally stopped by adventurers; not so much because magic is supposed to be hidden, but because there's trouble in the air.