Life Span:
Up to 800 years
Common, Elvish
Stat Modifiers:
1 HP, 3 MP

Physical Features

Faint cool colors (blue, green, purple), white, tan, or brown
Any color
^ Same as above
Men: 4'8 to 5'0 feet, Women: 4'1 to 4'10 feet, Shifted: 1 to 2.5 inches
Typically smaller in form. Men: 100 to 165 pounds, Women: 90 to 145 pounds, Shifted: Unknown
Pointed ears two to four inches long with slightly rounded tips. Fae are born with wings that appear gossamer and delicate, but these appendages are not easily torn and can carry the body's weight (plus extra) during flight. Wings come in diverse colors, shapes, and designs, from translucent to glowing to butterfly-like or simple colors. Wings are often partitioned into four segments (two on each side of the back), but Fae have been seen with varying segmentation in wings.


While majority of Fae can use all types of magic, they are also interested in subjects - such as astronomy - that help them navigate the world. The Fae have natural flight abilities enabling them to evade enemies that are primarily on land and they can transform their height from one to two and a half inches. This gives them the chance to be stealthy or pick locks.
Though Fae can improve the toughness of their physique, they are not always the best at wielding steel (or any weaponry) to protect themselves. Their height transformation may prove a hindrance if they are caught; in this form, they can be contained in a jar or even squished like a bug.
Magical Aptitude:
All forms of magic come to Fae instinctively. They practice magic with little to no effort, but do so with respect and try to understand - through study - each energy they are manipulating.


During the resurrection of Khy'eras, it was said that Ixaziel did not originally create the Fae as they are seen today. Instead, they were exquisite birds with bright feathers in an infinite selection colors. Each bird was unique and its vibrancy could be noticed even when flying high in the sky. But with no real explanation, Ixaziel took the birds from the sky or their homes where they nested in the mountains and brought them to the earth. Some say it was because he felt impending doom in the air and that with Bhelest's tyranny looming, the mage was sure to capture the birds and use them as currency or a food source.

When the birds where left on the ground by Ixaziel, they assumed a form which resembled a small sized Human, unnoticeable and not extravagant. This was what Ixaziel wanted, but it was not what the Fae wanted, much to the Eidolon's confusion. The Fae started to wither, unable to find purpose on the land or understand why they had been taken away from the sky, that great entity which they adored so much. In their heartache, the wilder beasts of Khy'eras picked them off as fragile prey.

Ixaziel, attempting to correct what was done, again gave them wings adorned upon their back so that they might fly. The wings were not of feathers, but were gossamer-like and reflected the vivid hues they remembered from their past. Though the Fae could not fly nearly as high, their set of wings gave them renewed purpose and contentedness.

For several ages, the Fae attempted to live in relative harmony, but when the Eidolons were exiled, their presence became a threat to Bhelest. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the Fae were one of the original races, but they took to and embraced magic more competently than other races. Specifically, they excelled at defensive and healing magic, which gave them the ability to protect not only themselves, but folk who fought against the tyrant mage.

Under the assumption that they would be hunted down (and it was a good assumption), the Fae headed towards the jungles of Ninraih. In approximately the center, they founded the city called "Ajteire". The thick, entwining flora shrouded them from numerous evils in the realm and later, the Fae formed an alliance with the Kerasoka Elves, leaving their race as an ever-present force.

Playing As

  • All Fae have wings, but they may be styled however the writer chooses.
  • Conversely, a half-breed Fae may have wings or none at all, and because of mixed bloodlines, ears could be shorter as well.
  • Despite a natural connection with magic, a Fae does not need to use any mystical energies or be a magic class. One could choose to reject this and lead an alternate lifestyle.