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Wish Star
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Cleric and Ranger
She/her, female
wish stahr
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Physical Features

4'9 feet
About 115 pounds
Fair, light
Brown, short to jaw line. Occasionally decorated with a few braids, feathers, or a headband.
Olive green
Other Features

Wish's wings are a blueish, gray color with a gradual fade, the outside being darker than the inside. The edge has a slight sparkle when looked at in the correct way, resembling stars in a night sky. They are segmented into four pieces (two parts on each side), with the top sections being larger than the bottom.

Social Interactions

Relationships and Companions

Anrisse Star - mother, deceased. Wish remembers her mother fondly, though their time together was brief. Occasionally, Wish can be caught humming or singing Anrisse's old tunes, songs which are unknown by folk.

Serynthe Star - father, deceased. They had caring relationship, though Wish did eventually focus less on his lessons in magic and more on her own self-imposed Ranger education. This led her to being somewhat distant when she could have understood Serynthe's mysterious background instead.


Being nurtured with healing magic, Wish is naturally giving and supportive to those around her. However, her need to be an individual and branch away from a deep, magical background led her to study the ways of Rangers. This should have instilled a bit of defensive and reactive qualities in her, but being a rather new adventurer to the Khy'eras, she is still quite naive and clumsy.




Previously Ajteire

Born in Ajteire, Wish led what folk might consider a fairly tame life. Her mother Anrisse - a singer and storyteller - died when she was very young, so Wish cannot recall much about her except songs. Afterwards, Wish was raised by her father Serynthe - a cartographer of the stars - whom she stayed with until recently.

Growing up, Serynthe gave Wish lessons on magic, specifically healing arts as this energy was prominent in their bloodlines. But seeing the amount of Fae in Ajteire that were fluent with magic, these abilities weren't enough for Wish. Alongside her father's education, Wish sought assistance from the Kerasoka Elves in the city who taught her subjects like how to use a sword (she selected dual rapiers), how to properly navigate the jungles and forests, and how to be light on her feet. Though her aptitude for tracking enemies was lacking, Wish discovered that she did well with her newfound skills and coupled with her father's supplemental knowledge of navigating the sky, she could certainly get around better.

All of this aside, throughout the years she had been training, Wish's only experiences were inside Ajteire or directly outside of it. Therefore, she had no real-world situations to compare her talents to. On top of that, she was not receptive to the fact that Serynthe was getting sicker until it was too late. The man became incomprehensible and stopped eating. When Wish and Fae in Ajteire made an attempt at healing him, he rejected the magic.

On the night of her father's death, when Wish tried to make parting conversation, he handed her a piece of paper that appeared as if it had been torn out of a book. Wish asked where it had come from and what the strange symbols and languages on the single sheet meant, but her queries were futile. Serynthe just gave a half-hearted, dismissive wave, as if to say, "Figure it out, kid", then passed on.

There were few regrets that Wish had. One of them being that she should have spent more time with her father, discover what her mother had been like while among the living, and importantly, realize if either of them knew ancient languages. Wish assumed that the random parchment her father had blessed her with was important, thus, she resolved that the situation was an opportunity to leave Ajteire and wander the lands for the first time in search of answers. Well, mostly.

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