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Obsidian Serpent
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Physical Features

Itzcohuatl moves elegantly with a long serpentine body covered in rich green-blue scales and vibrant multicoloured feathers reaching 350cm/12ft long and with feathered wings spreading out to 450cm/15ft wide with equally multicoloured feathers with a large claw on each wing
Torso / Chest:
Chest is covered blue-green scales with feathers running along the spinal ridge down to the tail and up onto the wings.
Blue-green scales that shimmer and dance in the sunlight along with multicoloured feathers (blue, green, red, yellow) which are not only on his wings, but also down his spine, tail, and atop his head and around his jaw.
A serpentine head with two horns which lie almost flat against his scales, surrounded by feathers, alongwith golden eyes and a maw full of razor sharp teeth including two larger fangs.
Feathers which range from yellow, green, blue, red, often with multiple colours on a single plume.
Golden with vertical slit pupils.
None visible, instead the ear holes are covered by feathers.
A gentle and soft sounding voice, often with a strong sibilliant sound on his 's', which is rarely raised and rolls over the syllables almost languidly like a cool breeze.

Social Interactions

Romantic Orientation:
Sexual Orientation:
Relationships and Companions

Itzcohuatl has had few lasting relationships, his parents have passed away he was their last child, and his siblings he knows not where they have flown. A few dragons know him, and mostly they are amiciable to each other, and even a few of the other peoples know him and would not fight or flee from him. But in truth he has hardly as many connections, good or bad, as he would or as he feels is needed for him to feel at peace and contented with life.


At two hundred and ninety years of age Itzcohuatl is just into his adult years, and so some of the foolhardy energy of his youth has vanished and he become comfortable in his own self. However, he remains curious and energetic about the world and the peoples in it not yet entirely ready to retire and hide in near solitude. Combined with his curiosity is a generous spirit which loathes to see others, even those who aren't dragons, in pain or suffering. He dislikes violence, and finds those who resort to it readily reprehensible, although he does accept that it is necessary to defend others and oneself with violence - if there is no other alternative.

Itzcohuatl enjoys conversation and company, and readily settles down to enjoy both whenever he has the chance, though he knows better than to foolishly trust just anyone. While he is comfortable in himself, who he is to himself, he hasn't yet discovered his place in the world, who he is to the world and others: is he a healer? Recluse? Scholar? Or something else? All he knows for certain is that the answer won't come to him if he remains in one place, it is to be sought out and found.



To an ant the size and powers of even a human must seem so titanic and wonderous as to be godlike. The Eidolons made his ancestors, like they made others, their power unrivalled, their every step like a titan striding in eons, it is natural to see them as gods. However, they were no more gods than a human is a god for an ant. Merely beings of immense power, and whose nature and desire are lost and alien to those they made. So, runs Itzcohuatl's reasoning but he is not so uncaring or arrogant to assume that others must follow his own thinking. Indeed, he finds comprehending their ways of believing intriguing even if he can never share in it himself.


1st Day of the Fifth Month in 035 AoV
290 years
Slyscera Mountains, Tviyr

Itzcohuatl was born in the year of the defeat of the evil Bhelest, and a portentuous birth year but in truth Itzcohuatl grew and has lived his life to date without any great deed or really anything of note. His parents were old when they had him and soon passed away, and his sibilings were long gone, and so the adolescent Itzcohuatl found himself alone in the world. He wasn't a fool, however, and so for his earliest years he contented himself to staying amongst his kind in the highest mountains of the world. He travelled still though, learning from his fellow dragons as he did, and his aptitude for magic and restoration soon manifested itself. His teachers taught him well and he learned eagerly, and helped his kind wherever he found one injured.

Itzcohuatl's life might have remained in the mountains and sometimes passing amongst his people for lessons, company, or to help them were it not for a Human. He had heard their cries of pain and prayers to the Eidolons from far away, and though he knew he should stay away for it might be a trap, try as he might to close his eyes and go to sleep he just couldn't ignore them. The Human, Marcus, would never forget the sight of the dragon descending from the clouds, the sun shining over its scales and feathers, and he was sure it would eat him. However, as it moved closer and he tried to scramble away he could hear it saying something he didn't understand but it didn't sound cruel and against his better judgement he paused. Itzcohuatl pleaded for the Human to be still, to not hurt him, and when it stopped moving as gently as he could he lifted the dead horse from the Human. Marcus was sure he was about to be eaten, the maw full of teeth was coming close now, and then he felt something fill him with warmth and peace as the scales of the dragon's jaw touched his chest. It took hardly any effort at all to heal something so small and fragile Itzcohuatl was surprised at how easy he found it, and moved back slowly to let the Human rise. Marcus was aghast as he found himself feeling better than ever before, and didn't know what else to say than thank you.

Itzcohuatl didn't understand the man then, but the encounter changed him regardless. He came to the help of any who needed it now, and slowly he ventured further and further down the mountains. He learnt the common tongue in the process, and as the years rolled on, and the decades accumulated he found himself as fluent in it as his own. Well into adulthood he had still seen only a small part of the world, and he knew he couldn't settle until he had seen more of it, understood more of it, there was so much to know. And perhaps there was also so much that needed healing, so many that needed help, and maybe he could do that? Whatever the case his future wasn't upon these mountains, he knew that.


None, ever.


Apart from their scales none.

Clothing and Accessories

None, not seeing the need for it.


Capable of defending himself if needed, and he has done so on occassion, he prefers to avoid fights however and relies on a superiour agility and aerial advantages to do so.


A natural inclination towards and centuries of experience have left him very capable with practicing Restorative magic, as well as having similar experience and inclination towards Mental magic (particularly shielding his mind, and communicating and understanding others). He has some limited experience with Caelimancy, as his own breath could be said to belong to that school of magic, but has not explored the school extensively. Nonetheless one wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of his breath, like with any dragon.

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