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Eaume Stormspear
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Shapeshifter and Elemental
Ranger and Sorcerer
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For more information, see Sylent.
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My own toon in Skyrim: Special Edition (Breton wearing full Skaal outfit, sans hat in this pic).

Physical Features

5' 6"
Somewhat stocky, with toned muscle; she has some curves and is definitely not petite, but there isn't a scrap of fat on her. Her legs are very strong, able to carry her quickly across long distances and help her strong back to carry most heavy burdens with relative ease.
Blonde, so light as to almost be white; worn loose about the shoulders.
Gray; often compared to stormclouds.

Social Interactions

Romantic Orientation:
Sexual Orientation:
Relationships and Companions

While not her companions (unless otherwise stated), most of the following animals are familiar enough that Eaume has come to share a kind of respect and trust with them. She leaves them alone for the most part, and they in turn leave her alone, although some of those she's aided over the years are much friendlier toward her than the majority of the wildlife near her home in the Irtouen Reaches. She has named some of them in her mind, though the names are simply affectionate ones that have no bearing on the animals themselves.

Massive and powerful, this bear has almost as much gray and black in his fur as he does brown. His age is unknown but he has fathered more than a dozen generations, if the evidence provided by the local wilderness is any indication. He's as much a protector of said wilderness as he is a guardian of the cubs he sires (and their mothers, of course). He doesn't move around as much anymore, but he seems to regard Eaume with more respect than wariness.

It's unclear whether this bear is exceptionally long-lived or simply the near-identical offspring of its parents, one of whom is almost certainly Grizzle. Her fur is mostly light-brown with dark patches, and regardless of the above, she has sired at least a few generations of cubs. Frequently found wandering near Eaume's hidden cave, she makes for an excellent alarm and a kind of natural clock as well. The two seem to have a bit of mutual respect, neither trespassing on the other's territory but often crossing paths; of course, Eaume is smart enough not to get too close to Greta, but the comfortable distance has been shortened somewhat over the years. More often than not, Greta's at the river when Eaume comes to bathe, fish, or set off in her canoe.

A large family of beavers can almost always be found working, hunting for food, or caring for their young near where Eaume lives. They seem to be quite friendly with her, though they're understandably wary when she nears the dams they build; unfortunatey, winter storms often destroy their dams, but they seem to take this in stride.

This odd little raccoon is...not so little. And not so friendly. Caught in a bear trap by the tail, he had to be freed by Eaume cutting the last few hairs that held him; it didn't help that he caught his left forepaw trying to free himself. He cause quite a bit of trouble when Eaume took him back to her cave to nurse him back to health, but he gradually and begrudgingly accepted her as a friend. His paw recovered fully but he never grew back the tip of his bushy tail. The rest of him is large and just as fluffy, and he tends to steal from people - the smaller and shinier the things, the better - but he no longer steals from Eaume. While not a companion in the truest sense and terrified of her more aggressive animal forms, he tends to follow her at a distance whenever she sets off on any significant journey. He often lurks near her cave and is secretive about entering it, knowing that the entrance isn't easily visible and thus should not be announced; he sleeps in her cave more often than not. He's troublesome but (usually) harmless (sort of).


Quiet, reserved, and stoic best describe her. She prefers to let actions speak instead of words, though she's not mute; she'll speak if it's needed. People tend to wonder if she's actually intelligent because she doesn't often say a lot when she chooses to speak; her eyes don't miss much, though, and they're probably the most expressive thing about her.

Raised as she was, she considers the wilderness her home and the area surrounding her mother's gravesite her territory and hunting ground. She has come to despise poachers - people who kill animals for sport or only take the furs and possibly the meat, without regard to the rest of the carcass, often left where it fell to rot; she loathes taxidermy as well. She has nursed more than a few animals back to health, mending wounds and the like, over the years; she has also put a number of animals out of their misery when it was clear that they could not be aided, such as those animals wounded but not killed by inexperienced hunters. She knows the territories of the wilderness well and shows proper respect for those territories.

As a hunter, she holds herself to a strict set of rules that she feels maintains the balance of nature and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. For example, she won't kill a doe who has young. In a group of does protected by a buck, she'll kill a doe instead of the buck; this lets the buck continue to protect the other does, allowing them to bear young later. A lone buck is a different matter. She doesn't intrude on the hunts of others, especially animals such as wolves, and she gives them a wide enough berth that they usually don't bother her.

Most importantly, she uses EVERYTHING from a kill - not just the hide or the meat. Bones, teeth, and antlers can be shaped into tools or heads for arrows or spears, horn- and antler-tips can be used for jewelry, tendons can be used for binding, hooves can be carved or ground for mixing with other materials to make pitch, et cetera. Not using everything from a kill is a waste, and she hates waste.


Esyrax, Kelorha

"Strength to overcome, wings to rise above."

That was something Eaume's mother always said to her, most often when she was a child and afraid of something. What developed as a result was an inborn stubbornness and refusal to submit, something necessary for survival in the extreme conditions of the Irtouen Reaches. Esyrax was a firm symbol in the mind of Eaume's mother, a strong focal point during times of trouble. While her mother always favored the bear, Eaume always favored the wolf; raw power versus endurance for long treks, but there was strong symbolism in them both, yet it was the chosen forms of Esyrax that most often guided her mother.

For Eaume, though, it was Kelorha more than Esyrax that was inspiring. Eaume has always cared more for animals than people. Animals are simpler, less cruel, and tend to be more easily understood than people. Most of them have nothing on people when it comes to ambition or politics, something she has heard large cities are rife with. Animals simply are what they are - no apologies, no excuses, and no pretending to be something they're not. Indeed, compared to many of the stories that Eaume has heard from her mother about people in general, animals seem to be the true denizens of the world and people are just rude houseguests. So a protective spirit that watches over them seemed very much like Eaume herself, with her natural tendency toward compassion and mercy where animals are concerned.

Nature is balance, and for Eaume, Esyrax and Kelorha are the perfect tenders of that balance. While not especially religious in her manner, she has uttered quiet prayers to one or the other (or both) during times of trouble or stress.


Irtouen Reaches
Wilderness along the Ordinuad

Daughter of a shapeshifter and an elemental, she has been raised in the wilderness along the Ordinuad in the Irtouen Reaches. She knows little of her father, has never met him, and less of her mother's background before she came to the Reaches. For her, the spear is life: she uses it for hunting, for fishing, and for guiding the canoe her mother taught her to build; she is a master of its use in battle as well, even without her innate magic heightening its destructive potential, but maintains that it is a tool rather than a weapon.

Her mother died several years ago. It was her wish that she explore beyond the Irtouen Reaches after she passed, but Eaume has had limited contact with people - limited to a small village of less than two dozen, in fact, and that visited infrequently for trade. She keeps meaning to go but hasn't found a reason yet other than her mother's wish; something else always seems to take precedent to further exploration, such as dealing with poachers who tend to leave rotting corpses behind after skinning their kills - the deepest insult to "real" hunters and an affront to nature itself, as far as she's concerned. She'll leave eventually...probably.


Mainly her spears - she always carries at least one, if not two; she also carries knives for use in hunting, fishing, and other necessities. She has recently began experimenting with short spears for thrusting and short-range distance attacks.


Thick, heavy hides and furs protect her as much in battle and from the dangers of the wilderness as they do from the elements.

Clothing and Accessories

Nothing for sleepwear, whether she's in bear or human form; soft, light leathers beneath her hides and furs. She wears little jewelry save a small collection of necklaces made (by her) from teeth, carved horn-tips, polished stones, and similar materials. An anklet on her left ankle made from a leather cord and several polished stones carved with images of various animals was made by her mother; she never takes it off. She almost never wears anything on her feet when in or around her home.


Everything Eaume knows, she has learned from experience or been taught by her mother. She's a spear-master both in battle and out; an expert tracker, hunter, and fisher; and is adept at making and maintaining a shelter, a canoe, and her own clothing and equipment. Everything she owns, she either fashioned herself or had fashioned for her by her mother; a scant few exceptions came from trades with local villagers, but those are mostly small curios.

Given her parentage and upbringing, she is able to take several animal forms as her own - namely a bear, a wolf, a beaver, a fox, a buck or doe, and a porcupine. She has had difficulty taking animal forms, being not of pure shapeshifter's blood, but these forms she has studied and knows well.


Eaume's innate magic is mostly derived from her father. It is one of the few things she has learned entirely on her own, as her mother knew almost nothing about magic beyond her own ability to shapeshift. Much of it might be considered "raw", as she has learned by feel and observation rather than by academic study.

Seeing electricity skirting the surface of her eyes is a good indicator that she's charged up and ready to hurl lightning at something. Touching her bare skin or even hair when she's at her peak is exceedingly dangerous, and she often coats her weapons in lightning; so if you see it running along the haft or spearhead, dancing about her fingers, or even just in her eyes - probably not a good idea to touch her. Or to let her stab you. (That's probably a good idea most of the time, actually...)

Lightning Bolt
A small discharge might be painful but probably won't kill you; at most, it might knock you out or leave you dazed. A fully charged bolt hurled from her hand or her spear, however, can send a man flying across the room and could possibly kill said man before he stops twitching.

With lightning flowing through her, Eaume can issue thunder of varying intensities. Snapping her fingers with lightning running through them will only serve as an attention-getter, while clapping her hands together hard when she's got a strong charge can deafen a room and send your pets flying under the nearest piece of furniture in fright.

Less a storm and more a wall, this is something she first learned by accident. Eaume surrounds herself in an invisible funnel of air that hurtles outward with great force. Sustaining it requires concentration but allows her to keep others at bay or push them in a specific direction, as she has some limited control over the wind's direction; a quick burst of wind, however, is all that's needed to knock someone over. Let run wild, it's basically just a windstorm of variable strength.

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