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Yauren Blackgrove
Dog lady of the woods
24 / 24 HP
19 / 19 MP
0p / 0g / 0s / 50c
Ranger and Druid
DFAB Cis (she/her)
(yaw-ren) (blak-growv)
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For more information, see noelle.

Physical Features

110 lbs.
Average weight, neither chubby or skinny; toned musculature (particularly on arms and legs); slightly broader shoulders than hips; small chest; nice rear, if she does say so herself~
Midtone brown
Angled jaw, high + pronounced cheekbones, full lips, diamond face shape,
Black, long, straight, voluminous, often tied back into a messy bun.
Hazel, sleepy, naturally a bit sunken looking and darker than the rest of her face
Deep, alto, bit of rasp; matches her personality, but not her stature
Other Features

Has a tattoo of a running wolf of her right upper arm and numerous moles scattered across her body. As far as less permanent marking, it isn’t uncommon to see her with scrapes, cuts, and dog-bite marks on her arms and legs. Lastly, from a life of hard work, her hands are rough and calloused.

Social Interactions

Romantic Orientation:
Demipanromantic; monogamous
Sexual Orientation:
Relationships and Companions

Currently aspiring to be a crazy dog lady, as she has 5 different dogs and keeps up regular contact with a wolf pack that occasionally wanders her way. Dogs are:

Bane (Male, 6 years old) -- large black dog with pointed ears, smooth fur, a scarred muzzle, and ice blue eyes. Grouchy but loyal, the aloof pooch is almost always seen at Yauren’s side and doesn't take kindly to those that try to touch him, let alone her… but he’s well trained and won't attack unless commanded to (though he has no problem growling or snapping)

Wormwood (Male, 8 years old) -- a large gray dog with the creeping white of old age on his face; button ears and wiry, Schnauzer-like fur texture. A lazy but easy going old mutt. He “protects” Yauren’s home when she isn’t around, and likes to languidly trot through the woods when she is.

Goose (Male, 2 years old) -- a medium sized dog with long black-and-white fur and button ears. Very energetic, very excitable, never stays still. Loves exploring the woods with Yauren or helping her hunt. Prone to getting out and getting lost though; it isn’t uncommon to see him roaming far from her home or through the nearby town.

Daisy (Female, 4 years old) -- a medium-large sized dog with short, smooth gray fur, floppy ears and drooping jowls. Aloof and apathetic, kind of keeps to herself. Wary of strangers; even Yauren had a hard time gaining her trust. The other hunting dog.

Chamomile (Female, 2 years old) -- very small, very fluffy russet-furred pooch with pricked ears. Moody, spoiled princess. Barks incessantly and bites when displeased. Insists on being in Yauren’s lap whenever possible, sometimes even when not. Will gladly mooch attention off of anyone that will give it. Stays locked up in the house at all times on account of being a good snack to pretty much anything in the woods.

Human Relations --
Drago Blackgrove (Ex-husband, Male, early 30s) -- Alive... surprisingly, though Yauren suspected him to be dead. Living somewhere in Irtuen Reaches. May be looking for her, may not, though if he is... it won't be for any good reason.

Father's Family (varied ages and sexes) -- Stuck up and self-righteous, the lot of them. Very much alive (regrettably), living somewhere in Irtuen Reaches. They don't care to know where she is, and she doesn't care to know anything about them. Most likely don't know about what she did to her husband because if they did, they'd likely be screaming for her head on a pike.


will flesh out more, just tire rn

The good
[Easygoing] [Self-assured] [Honest] [Hard-working] [Versatile] [Hospitable] [Diplomatic]

The neutral
[Independent] [Nature Enthusiast] [Wary of Magic] [Free spirit] [Morally Gray]

The bad
[Guarded] [Avoidant] [Noncommittal] [Selfish] [Defiant] [Detached]


Cecilia, Bhelest, Esyrax, Kelorha


9d, 11m, 261y
Irtuen Reaches
Tviyr; currently vaguely secluded in the woods east of Ordinuad River

It's been a rough 28 years, to put it lightly. She was raised in the care of her sadistic, half-shifter father that worshipped Bhelest and liked to use his powers simply to fuck with people, Yauren included. Some of his crueller "pranks" included: shapeshifting into a stranger and pretending to be a home intruder just to scare her, shapeshifting into a random woman and pretending to be Yaren's late mother (since she didn't remember what her mother looked like), and pretending to be dead. Young Yauren fell for the nasty tricks each and every time, and as you can imagine, this ruined her sense of safety and security.

He was eventually arrested for some of his more solicit acts, and she was put the care of relatives. They... didn't like her, having long shunned her father for his misdeeds and now shunning her, suspecting she might have his personality or powers. She became the scapegoat of the family, often accused of things she hadn't even done, and dubbed a liar whenever she tried to fight back. It was a mad house that pushed her to her limits… so she was glad when, at 18 years old, she met a handsome young man that showed extreme interest in marrying her and “saving” her from her circumstances.

The third major relationship in her life and it too went up in flames. It’d all gone well in the beginning, but Yauren’s life would soon turn into a claustrophobic hell once again as he steadily grew more controlling and more abusive. It began with verbal abuse and mental abuse, doing things like subtly putting her down and isolating her from the few other people she knew, and eventually morphed into physical abuse as well. By now, one so used to turbulent situations, she knew she needed out, and would have left… but anyone from a problematic marriage can tell you why it’s not that easy. She had no money, no where to go (her family had long since stopped talking to her), and no one else to turn to,

Still yet, even if leaving wasn't an option… neither was staying. Such conditions were driving Yauren mad and making her question everything she thought she knew, from her own identity to her self worth etc. One day… five years into this hell, she simply snapped.

There was an argument. She’d grown numb to his behavior and as such didn’t shy away from speaking her mind anymore, even if she knew the consequences. He raised his hand to hit her… she snatched his wrist, taking him by surprise... which she readily took advantage of. He punched. She kicked. She clawed like a cornered animal, aiming for his eyes. Somehow, she got him on the ground, and the sheer animalistic instinct of it all compelled her to finish the job by picking up a nearby fire poker and continuing to beat him relentlessly with it.

By the time the red cleared from her vision and rational thought re entered her brain, she found him an unconscious, bloody, bruised heap on the ground. Dead or alive, she didn’t know… and you know what? Didn’t care to. She took her things, fled the city, fled the whole damn region, and sought out a nice, secluded home in the woods, far from others and free of anyone else’s bullshit.

She’s lived there since, relatively happy and content with her life… though occasionally bothered by her past. She still doesn't know if her husband is alive or not, but so far, no warrants have been placed on her head…


Bane acts as her personal guard dog whenever she travels anywhere, and as such is often at her side, ready to attack the moment she launches the command; the two work in tandem. Otherwise, she carries a dagger/hunting knife in her boot, throwing knives on her belt, and keeps other various weapons in her home for various chores, such as a bow and arrow and an axe.


-- Proficient in knives, including throwing knives
-- Proficient with using and throwing an axe
-- Proficient with a bow and arrow
-- Extremely intune with animals and nature on account of being a Druid, but particularly good at bonding with canines
-- Naturist/Survivalist -- piggybacks on being intuned with nature, she knows how to handle herself in the wilds; can chop wood, identify plants, hike, fish, etc.
-- Hunter -- adept at tracking and killing prey (can include humanoids too, though there is some moral restraint there)


Yauren is a material, earthly woman that prefers getting things done with her own blood, sweat and tears; magic isn’t really her thing.

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