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Artemis Black
Black of the Night
Level 01
24 / 24 HP
18 / 18 MP
Fellsgard Slums
Idolism - Kaxitaki
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Physical Features

Artemis has a fair complexion and smooth pale skin from many years hiding in the shadows of day and running at night.
There is a healed but puckered scar across his right brow and cheek. His lips are faintly colored, and almost fade into his face.
His hair is ruddy brown and grows in thick. He keeps it shorn short to stop others grabbing it. His eyebrows are bushy and wild, making a firm line above his eyes.
His eyes are brown flecked with gold freckles and seem to shine when in the light. The shape is flat and thin, set recessed from his heavy brow.
5' 4"

He is thin from poor food, but muscled from constant exertion

Other Features:

He wears a broad cloak over strapped leathers and cloth that give him an indistinct silhouette and obscure his height beyond "small". His nails and fingers are faintly stained with inks and grease used in his forgery and theft practices.


Artemis is a quick friendly face, but rarely shares more then the faintest details about himself. He's seen people die in alleyways too often to feel comfortable growing attached. Though he's slow to warm, he's also more trusting than his past would hint at. He craves family, found or made, to fill the void of comfort he never had. He hopes that acquiring things will attract loyal friends he can grow close to.

Sexuality: Bisexual, no gender preference, considers romance before physicality

Relationships and Companions

Most everyone Artemis ran with is lost to the streets, sickness, or went into the wilderness to never return. He has acquaintance with many 'business folk' but nothing beyond a working relationship.

He is an active member of the Velvet Goose, acting as an inactive field controller and is currently striving to form his own branch organization.


Artemis grew up with nothing to his name but grime and bruises. He's spent every year of his life trying to find the next big score to drag him out of the gutter. When he was 13 he found his speed and agility far outstripped his fellows. Wanting to avoid the muscle-bound thugs and dagger-wielding drug runners he took to the rooftops. For the past 6 years he's lived his life by the motto "Better to run fast than face consequences". He hopes to one day have a family of sorts, and move into a rich house filled with the finer things in life.

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