Religious iconography?

Perhaps you've found on a bug on the site or want to request a new feature to Khy'eras? Or maybe there's a continuity error in the lore? For any problems or comments, let us know here!
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Religious iconography?

Post by Kitty soot_sprite »

Type: lore/religion
Summary: Have each icon and eidolon have their own symbol

1. This would let adherents of one icon/eidolon find, and commune with, others more easily. There's also the issue of possible discrimination against those worshipping a particular icon/eidolon.
2. In medieval Europe (which Khy'eras is loosely based on), pilgrimmages were the de facto vacations of the time. The main souvenirs were pilgrims' badges, which identified what location the pilgrim had visited. Adding iconography to Khy'eras would allow for:
a) greater visibility of the icons/eidolons and through them the lore;
b) possible in-game industry for creators and for those who enjoy running inn-keeper type stories;
c) make travel more attractive (although not easier).
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Re: Religious iconography?

Post by Memoria »

Yes, it's definitely on the list! Though it may be a few updates from now, because in addition to religious symbolism, I'd like to add symbolic representations for things like the Houses in Fellsgard, the Armory in Domrhask, and what not.

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