Expedition of worth(Closed) Tika

May be open in future if we both agree

Home to the wildest breeds of flora, Ninraih's entangled jungles cover southeastern Khy'eras. Ajteire, city of the Fae, is situated in the middle. Here, an overwhelming amount of magic and unexplained phenomenon has materialized. Read more...
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Re: Expedition of worth(Closed) Tika

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"The chant allows me to fortify my bodies natural healing. Then I use magic to transfer excess power to the injury. It has a bit of a kickback on the caster." He lifted his pants leg showing Tika the results. His ankle was scarred in a similar way to hers, but looked easily a month older. He did forget that higher up near his knee the edge of a sizable bite mark could be seen. A gift from his first encounter with Subik. He put his pant leg down without remembering the jagged scar.

"I guess it is sympathetic, though I never thought of it that way. You are very insightful Tika. How about you tell me about yourself?" He hoped he wasn't prying too much. Since he had no idea what was taboo to speak of with the small woman. Sedric tried not to distract her further as he just listened. Her frequency of losing her footing worried him. So he grabbed a sturdy looking branch as they walked about her size and offered it to her wordlessly.
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