The Bearded Siren

Domrhask, with eight magnificent towers, is Khy'eras' northernmost city governed by Dwarves. A cautious group due to past incidents, Dwarves do not easily invite adventurers inside and disapprove of magic in their city, no matter the type. Read more...
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The Bearded Siren

Post by Memoria » August 29th, 2018, 2:08 am

Inside Domrhask's northeastern tower - the structure devoted to commerce - resides a tavern lovingly named "The Bearded Siren". It is presently owned by a 123-year old Dwarf named Jilteq Duskryver who acquired the establishment from his departed father. The tavern had another name before - a title forgotten by Domrhask residents. When Jilteq inherited the place, he changed the name to "honor" an event in his father's life where the drunken man wandered off into the northern icy islands of Irtuen Reaches, claiming that he saw, "the most beautiful mermaid ever, with a chin full of red hair so thick, it'd make any grown Dwarf envious".

When The Bearded Siren was just a fledgling tavern, it shared a floor in the tower with other taverns and restaurants, but as time went on, it became the popular spot due to drinks that were bountiful, wide, and fierce in taste; hearty meals full of breads, sausages, and exotic game meats; and its gathering of customers that primarily consisted of crazy adventurers who have trekked through precarious mountain paths of Irtuen Reaches. Because of its excel in fame, Jilteq purchased a majority of establishments neighboring The Bearded Siren which allowed him to knock down walls and create one of the largest taverns in Khy'eras.

It is, on most days, not a very lively place though. While there are ample customers who visit the tavern, there is never any music playing or dancing going on. The building is mostly meant for those who need sustenance (of any kind) or those who want to discuss business. However, there have been frequent occasions where Jilteq cleared out a sizeable space and built a ring for sporting events such as wrestling matches, knife throwing, and yes, even axe battles.

Note: You may use this thread to introduce characters or meet new characters. Staff (as they have time permitting) will likely create NPCs to respond to posts.
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