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Do you have a story in mind that makes you rub your hands together in nefarious glee, but sadly no one to play it with? Post your plots here (evilness not required) and see who might be interested! Or, if you have a check list of adventurous tasks, tracking topics are welcome as well.
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Yauren Blackgrove
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Yuaren Blackgrove

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Brainstormed a lot of ideas for Yauren threads! Open to suggestions as well! Feel free to post here, DM me here, or DM me on discord!

Location: Lives and works in Tviyr, but may travel to Ninraih for business purposes. Will be avoiding Irtuen Reaches on account of bad faces from her past living there.

Who Let The Dogs Out? -- One of Yauren’s dogs (Goose) has a tendency of getting out and running away from home, wandering anywhere from the outer reaches of the wood she takes residence in, to the streets of a nearby township. This has potential for quite a lot of plots, such as: your character finding the dog and wanting to keep it (potentially getting into an argument about neglect with the exasperated Yauren once she catches up), Goose stealing your character’s food/small livestock (again, likely ensuing in an argument and discussion of compensation), Goose bounding excitedly up to your character who doesn’t like dog/is terrified of them and overwhelming them (followed sweet by Yuaren awkwardly trying to wrestle him away and apologize). Bonus for the last one, she’d be willing to help your char get through their fear of dogs if they express interest! So, TL;DR: Goose gets out and gets into some kind of mischief with your character, and Yauren comes running to clean it up.

Conflicting Interests -- Yuaren makes her living selling the meat and furs of the animals she hunts, but this happens to be a terribly common trade, especially in this area. Suffice to say that she’s bound to run into her fair share of competition. She has regular shopkeepers that she sells to, but every once in a while ventures to sell to someone new, and could easily get undercut by your character swaggering in to sell much more for much less. Or, she could run into your character whilst hunting in the woods, and get into a spat over who has the right to hunt there, who’s kill is who’s, etc. Potential for an overarching rivalry even!

Get Off My Land -- Yauren has worked hard to secure her little corner of paradise in the woods, and as such, doesn’t take kindly to anyone that tries to encroach on her space. She owns her home and a good chunk of the woodlot surrounding it, marked by wood and wire fences that she put up herself, but such barriers don’t always stop those that think they have a right to doing whatever they want, whenever they want. She’s had her fair share of hunters, poachers, trappers, and forest-strollers jump right over those fences and march on through to conduct their business, and she made sure to track every single one of them down and set them straight. Before, she might have left them off with a warning, but now, understanding that rarely works, she won’t hesitate to sick Bane on them or even shoot a warning arrow near their head to get the message across. Obviously, up to you on how you want the situation to pan out.

Sidegig -- Hunting typically pays well… or well enough for her to get by anyway. But, there are times when prey is scarce and nothing gets caught, or the prey she does catch isn’t enough to sell in comparison to the large hauls of her competition. So, on the side, she offers informal dog training to anyone interested, advertised on a paper she hangs up in town bulletins. She can train dogs to hunt and guard, or simply train bad behavior out of them so they don’t rip their owner apart. Plot is pretty straightforward; your char comes to her, wanting to get their dog trained. Get be ongoing, or oneshot.

Wayward Soul -- Having once been one herself, Yauren has a soft spot for the lost and downtrodden, including the homeless, the sick, the injured, the orphaned, and even “criminals” on the lamb. If one such a character stumbled upon her home, she’d be willing to let them stay until they can get back up on their feet, but fair warning; she won’t tolerate any funny business, and will make such very clear. They won’t need to pay her. Potential for her to adopt an older child this way, but maybe not right off the bat-- not ready for her to be a parent just yet. XD

The Hunters’ Guild -- Not a thing I’m really planning to bring to fruition… unless a lot of people are interested. *thinking emoji* But essentially, a big, potentially yearly or bi-yearly gathering of hunters from all over the region/Khy’reas! They likely meet in some tavern, show off their recent kills, exchange stories of their most thrilling exploits, potentially make plans to go hunting in groups, and otherwise have a grand old time with fellow masters of the trade. It can be assumed that it’s been around since forever, and happens fairly regularly. Yauren probably doesn’t go to eeeevry single meeting, but likes to pop in every once in a while, just to get her fill of human contact. Potential to be a multi-person mixer thread, or can be a private way for your hunter character and Yauren to meet. Also, for the record, any profession similar to hunting would be welcome, such as (but not limited to): hunter, trapper, fisher, skinner. Shopkeepers interested in the spoils of such professions (like fur traders, butchers, etc.) might also show up to scope out potential prospects.

Flings -- Noncommittal and fearful of relationships, Yauren is a free spirit that doesn’t really want to be tied down (though I’m not pushing it from the realm of possibility~), and as such tends to get her fill of intimate human contact through one-night stands and brief flings, the likes of which she can meet through any form of ways (tavern, hiring laborers to help build something on her property, any of the plots above, etc.). She’s attracted to all genders, but bear in mind she’s demisexual, so she would want to get to know them a little first before taking them to bed, just get a good grasp of their character. With that, more likely to bed someone she’s at least a little acquainted with than a perfect stranger.

Also open to adopting out her ex-husband! Details are below:

Drago (can be changed) Blackgrove
Gender: Open to interpretation, but must at least be masculine identifying at times (he/him)
Age: early-mid 30s (or immortal equivalent)
Race: anything that: (1) would realistically live in Irtuen Reaches, (2) marry a human, and (3) be the same height or taller than Yauren (5'0")
Height: 5'0" or taller
Residence: Irtuen Reaches
Personality: Two-faced, abusive (physically, mentally, and emotionally), manipulative. Everything else open to interpretation, so long as it doesn't override those three things (but can conflict! like, abusive, but feels guilty about it, etc.).
Background: Freeform, up to adopter. Must include him marrying Yauren (likely because he thought she was attractive, but also because she had a quiet, demure attitude that made her seem easy to control), abusing her, then unexpectedly getting the shit beat out of him with a fire poker and blacking out. Whether or not he's looking for her now is up to you, and for what reason is also up to you: maybe in some twisted way, he still thinks he loves her. Maybe he's pissed and wants to return the favor. Maybe he's intrigued by this "new" side of her and wants to know more. Up to you. Bear in mind, its been been 5 years since she left.

Anything else not explicitly listed is open to interpretation! No hardcore qualifications here; just the bare minimum to align with Yauren's history

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