Officially Open!

Want to get the scoop on all of the recent updates, news, and announcements that have made it into Khy'eras? This would be the place to check.
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Officially Open!

Post by Memoria »

Let me start off by welcoming you all to the realm of Khy'eras! For those of you who aren't aware, Khy'eras was a project I initiated several years ago (on September 9th, 2014) shortly after my other fantasy themed RPG (Aleris) ended. I was inspired by friends and fellow writing buddies to create a new and unique game.

For building Khy'eras, I desired to retain the same love and adoration I had for Aleris, but the new game needed more structure. Aleris was around for about six years I believe, so it gave me good basis and experiences for what I wanted to see changed and improved upon. In the time between Aleris and Khy'eras, my coding skills have also gotten better, so I was able to add neat features that Aleris didn't have or couldn't use as it was too late.

Honestly, I would like to say that after all the time that has progressed, that Khy'eras is a polished product. But it's definitely not. It has a solid foundation, and eventually, I plan to integrate fun stuff like quests, combat, and stat allocation. What Khy'eras does have is a place for people to start crafting characters and writing stories. As our population grows, my hopes are that with community interactions and feedback, we can make this little game even greater together.

On the topic of feedback, I welcome all kinds of constructive criticism, but please keep in mind that this whole site project was basically a one-person show. I did have thought and opinions from select friends (thanks for listening to me ramble on), but overall, I am quite certain that myself and the rest of Khy'eras' members will want to see things changed or updated. Which is totally cool.

You might also notice that there are no events or global storylines yet. I contemplated doing this, but then I felt it would be better to hold off for a few months or so. Writers will be able to get their characters created and have those personas stationed somewhere in Khy'eras prior to opening more flood gates. But you can bet that our first major storyline or event will be filled with all sorts of fun, drama, and trouble! :D

I don't have much else to say, except, I am typically available for any questions anyone might have. I am easily found, either by using the site contact form, one of the forums, or catching me on the Khy'eras Discord sever. Lastly, I want to thank all of you who have followed Khy'eras starting with its first Facebook post back on June 25th, 2016. As concepts and ideas were unveiled, all of you were very patient when I kept saying, "The site will be up soon!" Well, here it finally is, and I am so happy to have everyone here, ready to start adventurers.

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