Updates 06.25.19

Want to get the scoop on all of the recent updates, news, and announcements that have made it into Khy'eras? This would be the place to check.
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Updates 06.25.19

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Khy'eras first big content update is up! It contains a lot of feedback that I received after opening the game and talking to members. Highlights include "Playing As" sections for races, magic specifications for classes, and revisions to the timeline and history. There are - without a doubt - things that I might have "messed up" while making these updates. Or, there may be other pages that now need to be revised with these changes, such as any "Setting" pages. If you find any errors or inconsistencies, please submit feedback as needed.

One additional thing I wanted to mention. Please welcome our new moderator, @Agaliarept! Agaliarept is a long-time friend and role-playing buddy of mine. He is one of the few people who gave me feedback and helped behind the scenes during Khy'eras' creation. He plays Victor Sage and I'm sure you'll all love him as much as I do. At the very least, please send pistachio cockroaches his way.

List of Updates

  • Timeline is stretched out to 1241 years total and separated into five different ages.
  • Extra events are added, such as the Fae's transformation.
  • The current year will now be 288 AoN.
History and Short History
  • Adjusted history and short history to flow with new timeline adjustments.
  • Cleaned up various typos and clarification errors.
  • Added "Glamour" entry.
  • Cleaned up various typos and clarification errors.
Gameplay FAQ
  • Created a new page to address questions that may not be located anywhere else.
  • Added "Glamour" magic under "Manipulation".
  • Cleaned up various typos and clarification errors.
All Races and overview page
  • Each race page now has a "Playing As" section that may assist players when creating characters.
  • Updated "Life Span" and "History" entries to work with the new timeline.
  • Described how certain races (Elementals, Ue'drach, and Dragons) birth their children.
  • Defined an Elemental's forms as Force and Aura.
  • Fixed Korcai "Magical Aptitude" section. Previously it said they could not use magic; they can.
  • Clarified location of Lumeacia homeland.
  • Cleaned up various typos and clarification errors.
  • Added two new "rules" for clarification.
  • Cleaned up various typos and clarification errors.
All Classes and overview page
  • Each class has a "Magical Aptitude" bullet which explains whether the class can or cannot use magic, and if they can, what types of magic they favor.
  • To the Paladin, added an anti-Paladin stance and explanation.
  • For Bard and Paladin, explained how non-magical races (such as Kerasoka or full blooded Dwarves) might play these classes still.
  • Cleaned up various typos and clarification errors.
  • Expanded the lore for the Voices of Fate, giving examples of what might happen when a Fae rejects the position or volunteers for it.
Tviyr, Ninraih, Irtuen Reaches, and Getting Started
  • Cleaned up various typos and clarification errors.

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