Favored Weapons:
Talons, claws, tails, teeth
Favored Armor:
Natural scales and thick hides
Magic Aptitude:
Favors Primal spells when casting or breathing magic
Physical Stat Modifiers:
3 HP, 1 MP
Magical Stat Modifiers:
1 HP, 3 MP
Restoration Stat Modifiers:
2 HP, 3 MP


On the topic of classes, Dragons are grouped into three different categories: physical, magical, and restoration. Obviously, these classifications are less specific than how the rest of the races choose to adapt when on adventures. These beasts do not use manufactured weapons (like swords, daggers, etc.), spell book magic, or combat skills in similar manners and have their own set of rules. That being said, although the class types for Dragons are few in number, that does not make the race any less impressive or effective. And let's not forget, most if not all Dragons are born with the advantageous ability of flight.

Dragons heavily focused on the physical domain know how to use their body's natural resources to defend and attack. Talons, claws, fangs, and tails all might be used as a primary source of weaponry. Larger dragons cautious of their bulk and agility, occasionally study ways to evade attacks successfully.

With magic, Dragons use books or staffs to call forth and project spells. They rely on hand gestures or breath attacks where mystical energy brewing inside the body shoots from the mouth. These organic techniques are of the primal/elemental type, though there have been Dragons that have maw attacks which produce acidic saliva (not necessarily magic) or neutral energy blasts.

And finally, Dragons can be adept healers and they do not need to worship a deity to assist allies. They rejuvenate the wounded through touch and while the caress of a Dragon might sound frightening even if it is supposed to be life-saving, they are really quite gentle with the motions.