Favored Weapons:
Fists and/or feet, staffs, claws, knuckles, sais, shurikens
Favored Armor:
Cloth with no shields
Magic Aptitude:
As their focus is on drawing natural energy and maneuvers from the body, they do not use spells
Stat Modifiers:
2 HP, 1 MP


A relatively modern approach in Khy'eras, it was theorized that one could fight and protect themselves, not through weapons or force, but by using the mind and having a spiritual connection with the body. Monks are well practiced in knowing their moves and martial skills even before usage, because they constantly dedicate practice to meditation, discipline, and the concept of "self". Because Monks study the living form so accurately, they typically do not need weapons to take action. Their strength relies with their own body - may it be feet, hands, or both - and they are perfectly comfortable and confident in close proximity encounters, ready to strike in areas that an opponent may not have been expecting.

Monks are acrobatic and have exemplary balancing skills that definitely prove convenient to themselves and allies. Difficult to reach spots and obstacles with high elevation do not pose complications for Monks. As mentioned before, though this class prefers combat without weapons, the armaments they do choose to use become extensions of their body and enhance their fortitude.