Favored Weapons:
Staffs, books, wands, clubs, daggers, light crossbows
Favored Armor:
Cloth with no shields
Magic Aptitude:
Studies any and all types of magic
Stat Modifiers:
1 HP, 3 MP


The lineage of Wizards was ultimately established with Bhelest. While there is rumor of wizardry possibly starting much earlier with the arcane and mystical powers of Eidolons, that magical source was reserved for the no-longer present spirit gods and one cannot simply label these beings as a class. Thus, it is easier (and more difficult) for people to pin the Wizard's breath of life on the realm's most hated and beloved necromancing magician. Nevertheless, a majority of Wizards have branched out from the path that their forefather had chosen and illustrated a better outlook for how folk view Wizards.

But moving on, in counter to the wild behaviors of Druids and Sorcerers, Wizards are scholarly and spend countless hours studying and preparing their art before attempting to use uncharted magic. Because of this, most people don't know when they encounter a Wizard; they assume said person is stuck with their nose in a book and too busy reading to pay mind to the wandering community around them. Wizards are forces not to be messed with; their accumulated spell arsenal is usually loaded with intense, esoteric magics, covering wide areas and distances. They can recall history and lore from the books they have read and use this education to formulate their own spells just as great.