If you're here, it might be because you want the answer to a burning question, the one that will make sense of all of this - the website, forum, and writing. That question being: what is Khy'eras?

There's definitely a purpose to all of this "madness". To start, Khy'eras is a forum based role-playing game (RPG), though we may introduce chat rooms at a later date. For reference:

  • Roleplay - When a person assumes the role of a character (person, animal, sandwich, etc.) and performs their actions. More here.
  • Forum RPG - Players post back and forth to each other using topics and replies to develop stories related to their personas. More here.

With those details laid out, this RPG is essentially a collaborative writing experience formed in the fictional world of Khy'eras. While there is an overarching plot and history to the realm, Khy'eras is largely sandbox and open world in nature where the ultimate goal is to get people exploring and developing creativity with others or even themselves. The setting of the game is that of fantasy (medieval and/or high fantasy), so if you're interested in subjects involving swords, sorcery, mythical and supernatural beings, and all those other shiny, wonderful, but dangerous things, please join us.

However, if this discussion about roleplaying and story development has made you wary about enrolling, leave your troubles at the door. Khy'eras welcomes folk of varying writing skill levels, those new to the fantasy genre, or those just trying out forum RPGs. As long as protentional members have dedication to compose their actions coherently for fellow players, we'll all get along fine. And if you have additional questions, throughout the site we have tons of resources available and places to ask questions.

Credits and Appreciation

This website is developed, coded, and maintained by Memoria/Adria using phpBB forum software. In addition, majority of the lore was written by Memoria, unless otherwise noted. Please blame her for any and all mistakes or good/bad times.

Original artwork used on lore and forum design is credited to the respective artists.

Memoria would like to fondly recognize, first and foremost, James and Annabanana, for all their feedback throughout the years and for hanging on until the final game was opened. Further acknowledgement is attributed to Matt, Addy, Thisbe, and anyone else forgotten (sorry!) who gave advice on getting Khy'eras off the ground. For the future and all (hopefully) good things to come, thanks are continuously devoted to the players, as without member support, this game is essentially a devoid world and cannot continue.


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