Faryv's Dawn

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Faryv's Dawn

Post by Memoria »

Although many of Faryv's written works were burned in the past, their followers still carry enduring faith in the Idol. That is why, regardless of one's beliefs, Faryv's Dawn has become a treasured holiday throughout Khy'eras and more so in Fellsgard. On this day, as soon as the sun creeps over the horizon and unveils itself to the waking world, people reach out to those they care about to display the ideologies of Faryv - love, charm, and devotion. Affections are shared, gifts are given, and for a single day, those who can stomach the thought these positive emotions are drawn to put aside any bitterness and indifferences.

For this event, your character may submit one of three proses: a poem, recipe, or letter. Any of these types must be themed around love - whether that love is for a partner, a companion, or familial.
  1. Your story submission should be a single post.
  2. Minimum word count is 200 words, but you can go above that if you would like.
  3. Feel free to start a new thread in whichever Khy'eras forum you want.
  4. Your submission must be in the form of a poem, recipe, or letter. You can write additional text or story around this, but it must contain one of those types. The recipe would be something a character made from the heart to another person, maybe for a special evening.
  5. The poem, recipe, or letter must be themed around the ideologies of Faryv.
  6. You may submit one entry per character.
  7. On your writer account, reply to this topic with a link to your character entry. If you do not have such an account, please PM me your entry. Your reply may contain multiple character entries or you can reply for each entry.
  8. Submission due date is by the end of March 14, 2020.
Besides the above, the rest is up to you! Anyone who participates will automatically get 50 experience, 25 copper, and a heart badge! At the closing of the contest, the community will vote on the top three submissions. The prize line-ups are as follows:
  1. First place: 100 experience, 50 copper, and a special rank.
  2. Second place: 80 experience, 40 copper.
  3. Third place: 65 experience and 30 copper.
Any experience and copper rewards for the top three submissions will replace the default rewards.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please post them here!
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Re: Faryv's Dawn

Post by Nirdor »

Entry for Vent: viewtopic.php?p=3301#p3301

Entry for The Capuche sisters: viewtopic.php?p=3303#p3303

Entry for Nedira Kir: viewtopic.php?p=3313#p3313
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Re: Faryv's Dawn

Post by TheScarySoda »

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Re: Faryv's Dawn

Post by Kitty soot_sprite »

Entry for Colle: The Way to a Shifter's Heart with cat's paw recipe
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Re: Faryv's Dawn

Post by KinkyPrawn »

Cirice's recipe for the festival.
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Re: Faryv's Dawn

Post by Mahkasad »

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Re: Faryv's Dawn

Post by Becca »

Seriously rusty but here we go xD

Daire; entry
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