Within the flow of time, birth and death - two very significant life events - can be overshadowed by what a person chooses to do while they are part of the world, and in this instance, the world is Khy'eras. Whether one is simply stepping into the realm or a seasoned adventurer of the lands, it is imperative that a person is familiar with their surroundings. From history to races to magic and classes, within this section the reader can discover a hoard of resources available which hopefully ensures that when journeying about, characters do not meet their end faster than they've had a chance to satisfy the concept of existence.


Do recognize that as a writer retaining any of this knowledge, the in-game characters you play may not necessarily have the same awareness. As an example, although you (the player) have read everything about Dwarves, the persona created could be oblivious to the race's culture or very existence.

Era Limitations

As storyteller, writers must understand that there are restrictions in the realm of Khy'eras. While ultimately, the aim is for people to use their full creative potential, the genre of the game is high fantasy / medievalesque (with an ample dash of supernatural) and elements in present day, real life should not be crafted into compositions.

  • Mainstream music styles, songs, and bands. Instruments like pianos, violins, guitars, or lutes are available, but electric keyboards or complex drum sets, on the other hand, wouldn't be.
  • Brand labels (Coke/Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Hershey, etc.) on items or ideas. Creating labels specifically for Khy'eras is encouraged and welcomed.
  • Technology (computers, radios, phones, etc.) and electricity. Any scientific or industrial advancements would likely be fueled by wind, water, or even (in accepting places) magic.
  • Cars or planes. Available transit is listed on the "Travel" section on each city page.
  • Housing commonalities or luxuries like air conditioners, microwaves, or gas heaters to name a few. Much like the preceding bullet, there are city explanations on "Layout".
  • Guns, gun powder based, or laser type weaponry. As Khy'eras' focus is in high fantasy / medievalesque, stick to swords, knives, or staves. For ideas, all class descriptions start off with samples of favored weapons and armor.
  • Certain real-life slang, "l33t speak", or conventional terminologies. Examples might include: wtf, lol, omg, doge, emo, etc. Profanity is allowed in character speech, but if your persona is spewing curse words, fellow characters should be able to interpret. And remember that the ability to be lewd and vulgar In Character, does not give you permission to be a jerk Out of Character.
  • In general, pop culture references.

The above should not be considered an inclusive list; without a doubt, there will be things forgotten or not mentioned. Therefore, if additional clarifications are needed, please feel free to ask.