Short History

The uninhabitable wasteland Khy'eras was sentenced to inevitable death. But, as luck would have it, five Eidolons surfaced from ruins to see if they could awaken the realm. With unique magic, the spirits resurrected the world and created vast, beautiful landscapes. When the Eidolons' finished, magic was sealed away - its effects to potent for the races to behold. For most, the absence of magic was a dismissive subject. Instead, societies thanked the Eidolons for their blessings and deemed their saviors "Gods".

It became apparent, however, that some individuals were not content. Through tireless study and investigation, a young scholar named Bhelest tore open a veil to the spiritual world and embraced magic. Although his initial experiments were insignificant, Bhelest gained control over the realm and constructed "Nihegora", a five-headed hydra. The Eidolons confronted Bhelest about his careless exercise of magic and Dragons were summoned to eradicate the beast. In the finale of a fourteen-day battle, the Dragons, hunted to impending extinction, took flight and hid, leaving Bhelest to exile the Eidolons from Khy'eras.

Centuries transpired as the denizens of Khy'eras lived under the rule of Bhelest. When a being died, its passage to the spiritual world was blocked. There it mutated into a wraith, zombie, or skeleton to be positioned as a mindless servant in Bhelest's army. The night essence belonging to the Eidolon Ny'tha was also utilized to strengthen the undead. The people no longer prayed to the banished Eidolons; they feared for their lives.

Bhelest's reign did not last forever. From the western lighthouse city of Fellsgard, hope came from an inventor named Cecilia. She departed on a quest with three companions and devised a plan involving Ristgir's sun-harnessed energy. Thirty-four years elapsed and unearthing the necessary magic, Cecilia's expedition neared completion. Those who believed in her cause, moved towards Fellsgard to assault Bhelest and his armies. By combining Ristgir's essence with the lighthouses, Bhelest was destroyed, Nihegora fled without a master, and the undead legions cowered. But Khy'eras' release from Bhelest cost Cecilia her life as she was shot with an arrow.

With newfound freedom, the realm of flourished again, its expanse overwhelming the races. Folk referred to Khy'eras as "The Neverend" as they had no clue where it started or ended. The realm was divided by those who followed Bhelest, Cecilia, or no one. Explorers journeyed out of cities to uncover what else Khy'eras had to offer besides war. People said that those who left found only death, but others found something else entirely - hope and adventures.