Afhenalt - pronunciation: ahf-en-alt / place, exploration
A four story stone building located in the Varorthe Barrens that serves as Domrhask's prison. It is managed by The Shield.
Ahm'kela - pronunciation: ahm-kell-ahh / character, idol
Idol of travel, earth, and cartography.
Alchemist - pronunciation: al-kuh-mist / class, supportive
Supportive class that concocts bombs, contraptions, and potions. May occasionally capture magic to mix into experiments.
Arcaod - pronunciation: ar-kay-odd / leadership, house
Manages military and defensive stances as part of Fellsgard's The Lineage.
Armory, The - pronunciation: thuh ar-muh-ree / leadership, organization
System of leadership in Domrhask, broken up into five parts: The Sword, The Hammer, The Shield, The Staff, and The Coin.
Ajteire - pronunciation: ahj-ter / place, city
City in Ninraih founded by the Fae who share a livelihood with the Kerasoka. Protected from surrounding jungle.
Agnosticism - pronunciation: ag-nos-tuh-siz-uhm / category, religion
Religious concept permitting a person to keep an open mind. One is "on the fence" when it comes to believing in Eidolons or Idols.
Animation - pronunciation: an-uh-may-shun / magic, invocation
Magic that brings life to everyday objects and can be used for levitation.
Archaicism - pronunciation: ar-kay-iz-uhm / category, religion
Religious practice that involves praying or offering tribute to Eidolons. Teachings focus on tactile symbolism.
Aquamancy - pronunciation: ah-kwah-man-see / magic, primal
Water magic allowing an individual to cleanse toxic waters, create bubble shields, etc.
Atheism - pronunciation: ay-thee-iz-uhm / category, religion
Religious concept for not believing in Eidolons, Idols, or any version of afterlife.


Baslehr Ridge - pronunciation: bahs-lur rij / place, exploration
Extensive mass of island located south of Tviyr and west of Ninraih. Its landscape contains tracts of hills and cliffs, but has no known cities of villages. Previously, it was home to the Erair family and their manor.
Barbarian - pronunciation: bar-bare-ee-uhn / class, combat
Combat class that rushes into battle, fueled by their rage, often wielding large, two-handed weapons.
Bard - pronunciation: bahrd / class, supportive
Supportive class that inspires and boosts senses of allies through music, singing, or poetry.
Bearded Siren, The - pronunciation: thuh beer-did sigh-ruhn / place, place of interest
Inside Domrhask's commerce tower, The Bearded Siren is owned by Jilteq Duskryver. The tavern is famous for its robust drinks, hearty meals, and infrequent indoor sporting matches.
Beast - pronunciation: bee-st / category, race
Racial classification of creatures that are naturally animalistic, untamable, and exotic, but can learn reason.
Bhelest - pronunciation: bell-est / character, idol
Past, malevolent ruler of Khy'eras who released magic to the world. Idol of dominance, illusion, and chaos.


Caelimancy - pronunciation: see-lie-man-see / magic, primal
Cosmic magic allowing the projection of ancient energies from the heavens. For example: commanding stars or meteors.
Cecilia - pronunciation: si-seel-yuh / character, idol
Freed Khy'eras from Bhelest by using Ristgir's magic and engineering. Idol of hope, invention, warmth, and order.
Cetnisadel Bay - pronunciation: set-nis-uh-dell bey / place, exploration
A vast bay in north Ninraih that holds the closest sea-faring ports to Ajteire. It is home to gigantic octopuses, lengthy coral reef, and healing waters.
Changeling - pronunciation: chainj-ling / category, race
Racial classification of beings that can change physical form into animals or people.
Cleric - pronunciation: kler-ick / class, supportive
Supportive class that focuses on healing and supporting allies. Is almost always religious and influenced by Idols or Eidolons, but does not need to be.
Coin, The - pronunciation: thuh koin / leadership, branch
Manages commerce, trade, and mining of Thraora as part of Domrhask's The Armory.
Combat - pronunciation: kom-bat / category, class
Class category that specializes in battle actions, meaning one uses armaments or forceful abilities to conquer adversaries.


Dainyil - pronunciation: deyn-eel / character, eidolon
Eidolon of literature, music, and art.
Defensive - pronunciation: dee-fen-siv / magic, other
A branch of magic that primarily centers on keeping the caster or allies alive with conjurations such as binding, spell cancellation, disarming, or enchanting.
Domrhask - pronunciation: dom-rask / place, city
Dwarven city located in Irtuen Reaches that contains eight towers. Residents are typically not pleased when inviting in outsiders.
Draconic - pronunciation: dray-kon-ick / category, class, concept
Refers to ideas meaning of or belonging to Dragons.
Dragon - pronunciation: drag-uhn / race, beast
Reptile-like race ranging in size that has scales, wings, horns, and/or tails. Dragons were called to help Ixaziel with Nihegora, but abandoned this plight in fear of their own extinction.
Dream - pronunciation: dreem / magic, manipulation
Magic that can implant dreams or nightmares into sleeping bodies, allowing the caster to enter the subconscious world.
Druid - pronunciation: droo-id / class, magic
Magic class that casts earth spells and calls animals for assistance.
Dwarf - pronunciation: dwawrf / race, terra
Stout and stubborn race with control of the northern city, Domrhask. Evolved from the Irenohl.


Elasokir Reservoir - pronunciation: el-uh-soh-keer rez-er-vwahr / place, exploration
An impressive, man-made lake that was constructed by many different races during the Age of Valor. The project's intent was to have a clean source of water during the war.
Elemental - pronunciation: el-uh-men-tull / race, mystic
Race forged with a combination of magic and Aura (one's link to the physical world). States they are descended from Eidolons.
Elf - pronunciation: elph / category, race
Racial classification of beings that have great agility, pointed ears, and are tall.
Enlann - pronunciation: en-lahn / leadership, house
Manages health, medicine, and food distribution as part of Fellsgard's The Lineage.
Erair Manor - pronunciation: er-air man-er / place, exploration
Deserted estate in Baslehr Ridge that was previously owned by Victoria Erair and her deceased family, a legacy that produced weapons during the Undead War. The manor is occupied by wraiths, wolves, foolish people, and decay.
Esyrax - pronunciation: es-eer-aks / character, idol
Idol of strength, power, and courage.


Fae - pronunciation: fay / race, mystic
Winged, magically adept race residing in the city of Ajteire with the Kerasoka.
Farinyir's Basin - pronunciation: far-in-eers bey-suhn / place, exploration
Extensive lake located in Irtuen Reaches, nestled against the eastern side of Slyscera Mountains. Named after the Shapeshifter painter, Farinyir.
Faryv - pronunciation: far-iv / character, idol
Idol of love, charm, and devotion.
Faunir - pronunciation: fawn-eer / character, idol
Idol of light, holy, faith, and health.
Fellsgard - pronunciation: fels-gard / place, city
Considered the capital city of Khy'eras, located in Tviyr. Has a diverse range of denizens that reside in it or pass through it. Countless historical events happened here.
Fighter - pronunciation: phi-ter / class, combat
Combat class that studies all manner of weaponry and formulates unique skills to confuse enemies.


Ghost - pronunciation: gohst / race, undead
Undead race born from the passing of Lumeacia, Kerasoka, Shapeshifter, Dwarf, or Human. Appearance is transparent.
Glamour - pronunciation: glam-or / magic, manipulation
Magic that alters a person's physical appearance, making the selected target more captivating.
Goblin - pronunciation: gob-lin / race, terra
Small and spiteful versions of transformed Dwarves which were banished from Domrhask due to their dominating and hateful character and attempt over-mine Thraora.


Hammer, The - pronunciation: thuh ham-er / leadership, branch
Manages judicial processes and laws as part of Domrhask's The Armory.
Half-Breed - pronunciation: hahf-breed / race, varies
Folk who are mixed with two different races. Certain races are never Half-Breeds due to historical events, prejudices, or alternative complexities.
Heartbroken Socks Inn - pronunciation: hart-broh-kun soks in / place, place of interest
A spirit-managed tavern in Verdant Row known for its non-sensical layout, décor, games of gambling and chance, and occasional fights.
Human - pronunciation: hyoo-munh / race, mortal
A final race designed by Ixaziel. Bound by the ideas of exploration, mortality, and emotion.


Idolism - pronunciation: ahy-dol-iz-uhm / category, religion
Religious practice that involves shaping one's life on the actions of another. Teachings focus on emotional concepts, but can be physical.
Ignimancy - pronunciation: ig-ni-man-see / magic, primal
Fire magic permitting a person to shape flames into numerous projections.
Illusionary - pronunciation: ill-oo-zuhn-er-ee / magic, invocation
Magic that constructs illusions and imagery to bewilder and assault enemies.
Iodrah - pronunciation: i-o-drah / character, idol
Idol of time, fate, and change.
Invocation - pronunciation: in-vo-kay-shun / category, magic
Magic category that involves casting or calling illusionary, unconscious, or living creatures.
Irenohl - pronunciation: ahy-ren-oll / race, terra
Stone golems birthed from the Slyscera Mountains. Founded and built Domrhask and its six towers, but are now an extinct race.
Irtuen Reaches - pronunciation: eer-too-en reech-iz / place, region
Northern, snow blanketed region divided by the Slyscera Mountains. Home of Domrhask.
Ixaziel - pronunciation: ix-uh-zeel / character, eidolon
Created Khy'eras' first forms of life. Eidolon of nature, beasts, land, and gardening.


Jilteq Duskryver - pronunciation: jil-tek duhsk-riv-er / character, dwarf
Owner of The Bearded Siren, a tavern in Domrhask's northeastern tower. He acquired the tavern from his father who chased after what he believed was a mermaid with a thick beard.


Kaxitaki - pronunciation: kacks-ee-tack-ee / character, idol
Idol of trickery, chance, and luck.
Kelorha - pronunciation: kell-or-hah / character, idol
Idol of the wilds and fauna.
Kerasoka - pronunciation: ker-uh-sok-uh / race, elf
Elven tribe that lives with the Fae in Ajteire. Their magic abilities were taken by Bhelest.
Khy'eras - pronunciation: kahy-er-uhz / place, world
The realm for which all this lore is written. Khy'eras is predominantly a single mass of land, though there are several outlying islands. The oceans are covered with mist up to a point, making sea voyage a complicated undertaking.
Korcai - pronunciation: kor-sahy / race, undead
Undead race that has elevated senses, requires drinking blood to sustain, and staying out of the sun to survive.


Lahiel - pronunciation: la-heel / character, idol
Idol of weather.
Lament of the Willow - pronunciation: la-ment ov thuh will-oh / place, exploration
Mysterious and enchanting area full of time-worn willow trees, positioned not far from Ajteire. It is a favored place for the Silver Brushed I'kello - a bird - to live and die.
Lericyro - pronunciation: ler-iss-ree-oh / leadership, house
Manages inventions, trade, commerce, and transportation as part of Fellsgard's The Lineage.
Lineage, The - pronunciation: thuh lin-ee-ij / leadership, organization
From Cecilia's ancestry, a family-based council of five Houses that oversees all Fellsgard's affairs.
Lumeacia - pronunciation: loo-mey-see-uh / race, elf
Elven tribe enthusiastic about magic and knowledge. Current hometown location is unknown.
Luminosity - pronunciation: loo-muhn-os-it-ee / magic, polarity
Radiance and light-based magic, that has holy-like effects to wound enemies, especially the undead.


Mac's - pronunciation: pronunciation: maks / place, place of interest
A three story brewery and fish house in Fellsgard owned by Mackenzie Esaine. It is a favorable meeting place and has acts from local theatre groups once a week.
Mackenzie Esaine - pronunciation: muh-ken-zee es-ayne / character, human
Owner of Mac's, a brewery and fish house in Fellsgard. She was inspired by her aunt to create unique beers and the flavors of the surrounding port's bountiful seafood.
Magic - pronunciation: maj-ick / category, class, energy
A mystical resource in Khy'eras that materializes from the land or its denizens. Magic stirs up much controversary, being used for both good and bad. It also categorizes classes, meaning individuals who can conjure.
Manipulation - pronunciation: man-ip-yuh-lay-shun / category, magic
Magic category that focuses on mind or body alteration.
Mental - pronunciation: men-tull / magic, manipulation
Magic that affects a state of the mind through headache, emotional manipulation, telepathy, or truth-seeking.
Misanyt - pronunciation: mee-sahn-it / character, idol
Idol of sickness, plague, pain, and madness.
Monk - pronunciation: monk / class, combat
Combat class that knows bodily harmony achieved through meditation. Familiar with close range tactics, using feet and hands as primary weapons.
Mortal - pronunciation: mohr-tull / category, race
Racial classification of beings that do not live forever, are susceptible to illness, and have a higher need for survival skills.
Mystic - pronunciation: mis-tick / category, race
Racial classification of beings that are instinctively adept with magic.


Necromancy - pronunciation: neck-ruh-man-see / magic, polarity
Perhaps conceived by Bhelest, this magic can make the corpses rise from the grave, seal away souls, or order undead (zombies and wraiths, for example) to obey.
Nihegora - pronunciation: nahy-gor-uh / beast, hydra
Terrible, five-headed hydra spawned by Bhelest through the merged essences of exiled Eidolons.
Nilbein - pronunciation: nil-beyn / character, idol
Idol of death, passing, and darkness.
Ninraih - pronunciation: nin-ray-uh / place, region
Southeastern region mostly covered with thick jungle. Home of Ajteire.
Ninraih Station - pronunciation: nin-ray-uh stey-shuhn / place, exploration
Quaint transportation hub outside the Ninraih jungle perimeter. It has a train platform, an operations and ticketing building, inn, and general store.
Nyshasa - pronunciation: nahy-sha-suh / leadership, house
Manages education, arts, and music (and possibly magic) as part of Fellsgard's The Lineage.
Ny'tha - pronunciation: nahy-thah / character, eidolon
Powers were used by Bhelest to protect his armies. Eidolon of night, stars, moon, and dreams.


Orc - pronunciation: awrk / race, terra
Brutish and violent versions of transformed Dwarves which were banished from Domrhask due to their dominating and hateful character and attempt over-mine Thraora.
Ordinuad River - pronunciation: or-din-oo-ad riv-er / place, exploration
Central river that runs through and branches off into various zones in Khy'eras making it an alternative, inland way of navigating the realm.


Paladin - pronunciation: pal-uh-din / class, combat
Combat class that fights to banish evil and darkness, devoting themselves to an Idol or Eidolon to gain abilities.
Pheriss - pronunciation: fer-iss / character, eidolon
First Eidolon exiled by Bhelest. Eidolon of ocean, rivers, voyage, and sea creatures.
Polarity - pronunciation: poh-lar-it-ee / category, magic
Magic category that contains contrasting magic, where each magic type balances itself by producing an opposite effect. For example: light versus dark.
Preamble, The - pronunciation: thuh pree-am-bull / place, place of interest
At the entrance of Ajteire, it is an open style tavern managed by any Fae or Kerasoka that might be on duty. This place specializes in lighter drinks that revitalize, such as coffees, teas, or wines.
Preldova Narrows - pronunciation: prel-doh-vuh nar-ohs / place, exploration
The length of ocean between Baslehr Ridge and the south coast of Khy'eras. Passage through the Narrows is widely avoided due to rocky waters and the imposing presence of the stone pillars.
Primal - pronunciation: prahy-mull / category, magic
Magic category that has organic spells, elemental effects coming from Khy'eras' natural resources.



Ranger - pronunciation: reyn-jer / class, combat
Combat class that is exceptional with terrains, anatomies of foes, and ranged weaponry.
Res'lora Azure - pronunciation: rez-lohr-uh azh-er / place, exploration
Limitless, mist covered oceans of Khy'eras. Sailors and adventurers do not traverse the waters for long durations and avoid going out too far for fear of being lost or attacked in the shroud.
Restorative - pronunciation: ree-stor-uh-tiv / magic, polarity
Ever helpful magic that allows the caster to mend wounds, cure poisons, or rejuvenate fallen allies.
Ristgir - pronunciation: rist-geer / character, eidolon
Cecilia used a lingering essence of this Eidolon to save Khy'eras. Eidolon of day, fire, and sun.
Rogue - pronunciation: rohg / class, combat
Combat class with plentiful talents, but is an expert on agility, stalking, and luck.


Serpent Kin, The - pronunciation: thuh sur-pent kin / place, exploration
Split segments of the Ordinuad River that run through the Slyscera Mountains and Tviyr. Certain sections around the river and land here are swamp-like.
Shadow - pronunciation: shad-oh / magic, polarity
Magic that enables the caster to remove light, forge demonic pacts, conjure dimensional traps, and place curses.
Shapeshifter - pronunciation: sheyp-shif-ter / race, changeling
Race that can shift their physique into forms such as animals, people, or other creatures.
Shield, The - pronunciation: thuh sheeld / leadership, branch
Manages military, defensive stances, and arsenals as part of Domrhask's The Armory.
Sidrioh - pronunciation: sid-ree-oh / leadership, house
Manages job opportunities, adventure bulletins, and land expansion as part of Fellsgard's The Lineage.
Slyscera Mountains - pronunciation: sli-sker-uh moun-tins / place, exploration
Mountain chain that extends from the northern to southern tips of Khy'eras. Especially in Irtuen Reaches, the mountains are treacherous and rarely traveled.
Sorcerer - pronunciation: sor-ser-er / class, magic
Magic class that excels in rapid fire spell-slinging using mystical energy derived from their bloodlines.
Staff, The - pronunciation: thuh stahf / leadership, branch
Manages medical, hospitals, and approves healing remedies as part of Domrhask's The Armory.
Summoner - pronunciation: suhm-muhn-er / class, magic
Magic class that rouses illusions, spirits, or animals and beasts for assistance.
Summoning - pronunciation: suhm-muhn-ing / magic, invocation
The act of using magic to call creatures or apparitions for aid.
Supportive - pronunciation: suh-por-tiv / category, class
Class category that while perhaps not exceptional at fighting, they have unique talents, customizable for a variety of situations, to assist themselves and allies in need.
Sword, The - pronunciation: thuh sohrd / leadership, branch
The leading position in The Armory of Domrhask. This commander is chosen every three years by a gauntlet.


Terra - pronunciation: ter-uh / category, race
Racial classification of beings that originate from matter such as rock, soil, or trees.
Terramancy - pronunciation: ter-uh-man-see / magic, primal
Earth magic that allows a person to manipulate roots, trees, flora, and rocks.
Thraora - pronunciation: thrah-or-uh / character, tree
An ancient tree in Domrhask that has grown through the mountains and is accessible through mines. The bark can be carefully harvested for armor or weapons and its leaves may be used for potions.
Transfiguration - pronunciation: trans-fig-your-ay-shun / magic, manipulation
Magic that alters the caster's form into an animal or race, not to be mistaken for Shapeshifter abilities.
Tviyr - pronunciation: tiv-eer / place, region
Northwestern region landscaped with grassland, coastline, forest, and scant amounts of jungle. Home of Fellsgard and Verdant Row.


Ue'drahc - pronunciation: oo-drahck / race, beast
Race formed by the hybridization of Dragon and Human.
Undead - pronunciation: uhn-ded / category, race
Racial classification of beings that do not breathe, eat, or reproduce mammal-like ways.


Varorthe Barrens - pronunciation: var-ohrth bar-uhns / place, exploration
Frozen and uninhabited islands in northwest Irtuen Reaches, the location of Domrhask's prison Afhenalt. Known for being the coldest place on Khy'eras.
Veditova - pronunciation: ved-ee-tohv-uh / character, idol
Idol of knowledge, language, communication, and mind.
Ventimancy - pronunciation: vent-eh-man-see / magic, primal
Air magic that revolves around calling forth tornadoes, lighting, and robust gusts of wind.
Verdant Row - pronunciation: ver-dant roh / place, city
Lawless, spirit managed town in Tviyr that is fundamentally a resting and stopping post for travelers.
Victoria Erair - pronunciation: vick-tor-ee-uh er-air / character, korcai
Tricked and poisoned by Bhelest, after her death, Victoria awakened and became the "mother" of the blood-thirsty Korcai.
Voices of Fate - pronunciation: vois-iz ov feyt / leadership, organization
Slumbering trio of Fae that retain details of past, present, and future enabling the Fae to study this knowledge to govern Ajteire.


Wizard - pronunciation: wiz-erd / class, magic
Magic class that founded the roots of all things mystical and arcane. They have a near limitless supply of spells if one is willing to learn.