Exploration Point
Irtuen Reaches
General Location:
Southeast Irtuen Reaches
Approximate Size:
22.5 miles longitudinally and 20 miles latitudinally (281.25 square miles)


Among the lakes in Khy'eras, Farinyir's Basin holds certain impressive titles. It is the largest, natural inland body of water that builds off waterfalls from the Ordinuad River and Slyscera Mountains. With falls at the north and west sides, the liquid that deposits into the lake creates the purest and clearest of Khy'eras' waters, a viable and refreshing source of nourishment. Being in the Irtuen Reaches, its months are spent in the company of snow which keeps the water chilled, but there are peak times during the summer when the lake is just warm enough to allow swimming.

Although the surface of Farinyir's Basin is practically translucent, beyond sixteen or so feet of water is immeasurable, dusky fathoms. Another unique quality of the lake is that no soul has been able to make an accurate recording of just how deep the lake is. There are mysteries that lurk far into the waters, untouchable and undiscoverable. Folk claim that if these depths were able to be pierced, remarkable treasures would be revealed such as water that grants youth, underwater lairs and cities, and as fan-favorite, portals to dimensions and places in Khy'eras.

The Basin is named after the Shapeshifter, Farinyir, a beloved painter and philosopher who secretly identified with the teachings of Dainyil. He lived during the Age of Valor and despite war and struggle, Farinyir continued to paint by the lakeside, finding solace in the landscape. To this day, with a visit to an art gallery or museum, a person is likely to see Farinyir's artwork on display.

When Bhelest's army marched towards Domrhask, a lone legion branched to the east and found Farinyir on his trek to the lake. The undead soldiers chased him to the waters and not knowing what to do, Farinyir dove into the Basin. At the time, Shapeshifters did not have abilities to transform into animals, but the commander of this unit witnessed Farinyir calling to fish for help. Aquatic life within the lake surrounded the Shapeshifter and pulled him beneath the crystalline surface, never to be seen or heard from again.