Exploration Point
Tviyr and Irtuen Reaches
General Location:
Runs through the middle of Khy'eras, from the very north to south
Approximate Size:
382.5 miles longitudinally with the widest range being roughly 110 miles latitudinally


Nearly dividing the continent of Khy'eras in half, the Slyscera Mountains are an imposing stone and solid force that have been present since creation of the realm. It is stated that Ixaziel did not craft the mountains - that the rocky terrain (although crumbling) was in the world prior and that the Eidolon merely helped fortify and elevate the peaks towards the sky.

There are seldom paths that carve through the Slyscera Mountains. Instead, most travelers prefer to take the long way and walk around the mountains if necessary. Much of the rocky terrain is dangerous and if trekked, is done so by the desperate trying to flee enemies or those seeking thrills. At one point, an attempt at a train route was made, but the mountains and snow proved too much of a challenge (even for the stubbornness of Dwarves) and the project was abandoned. A person might, along their way to Domrhask, find ancient train tracks and iron scattered about the Slyscera Mountains.

Seasonally, snow graces the peaks of the Slyscera Mountains, but is ever persistent in Irtuen Reaches. On the south half, the mountain tops have scant snow, especially so in the summer months. Where frigid elements touch stone, this adds onto the complexity of travel through the Slyscera Mountains. Although Khy'eras has airships and plenty of tactics to keep a body warm, there are segments of the peaks that are uncharted and will be for years to come.