Shepherded by Eidolons - the "Gods" who put early history into motion - life emerged from the decay of Khy'eras' ruins. However, the realm's primitive ancestors that came into being did so feeling lost, helpless, and confused. Natural innocence and tendencies made the people rely on the Eidolons for subsequent guidance and they were embraced by their deities. For the beginning span of 150 years or so, a person's conviction was unquestioningly placed alongside one or more multiple Eidolons which allowed the denizens of the world to gain moral conscious. This did not entirely prevent society from falling to the wayside or causing harm to others, but it was an improvement over the concept of "nothing".

Although comfort and confidence was felt with religion based around five omnipresences, the sudden chaos of battles and magic scarred the land and pushed faith onto an uncharted path. Once Bhelest demonstrated that he could destroy gods - exiling the Eidolons beyond reach - most of the pious became disloyal. Bhelest's overall rule and Nihegora's domination was another factor; people feared the combined intensity of mage and beast. Folk imagined that Bhelest could hear distant voices and that any hopeful words would incite anger, resulting in a person's death. Prayers were silenced and abandoned in exchange for safety.

Religion did not publicly surface until Cecilia's conquest for freedom ran its course and only then did people recall what it meant to feel hope. After her and Bhelest's passing, the collective realm decided there was peace and with this sanctuary, worship could be practiced and studied. Theology did not fully circle back to the forgotten Eidolons. It was split between those who devoted themselves to Eidolons or Idols (this becoming the mainstream) and those who did not devote themselves to anything at all.


There is a substantial group of people who follow the Eidolons, devoting their lives to the fallen gods. This religion is what we dub "Archaicism". The path to this worship is divided between those who seek forgiveness from the Eidolons and those who follow the ancient guidance that was laid down by the Eidolons eons ago. Read more...


Perhaps the newest and more favored religions, "Idolism" offers folk a wide selection of glorified omnipresences, heroic-type figures that the common, everyday person can look up to and shape their lives around. These Idols - whether they are people, animals, spirits, etc. - have formed Khy'eras in diverse ways (both good and bad). Read more...

Other Religions

Not all people fit into the contrasting roles of Archaicist and Idolist. There are alternative theologies to study, from not believing in anything to not being sure what to believe in. Read more...