Managing Your Account


  1. New members (accounts under 15 posts), have a few restrictions:
    1. Private message limit: 10
    2. Max recipients per private message: 1
  2. We will not delete accounts (unless requested), however after three months of inactivity, an account will be marked as "Inactive".

Writer versus Character

  1. To post in specific areas of the forum, a person should sign up for the appropriate account. A "Writer" refers to the person writing - the author - and is meant to be "Out of Character". A "Character" is the subject or persona being played and written about. The "Account Type" is chosen when creating a new forum login.
    Account type field on registration
  2. Setting up a Writer account is not required.
  3. There is no limit to the number of characters you can play.
  4. If adding a character to the game, there are a decent number of questions during registration. Certain details can be modified later (the entries can be skipped), but there are fields that must be completed from the start and cannot be changed later (unless, of course, an explanation is sent to a staff member).
  5. Khy'eras is a "no-app" game, meaning there is no application or approval process. All character details are built into profiles and a person is free to start playing right away after submitting the required fields during registration.

Account Linking

  1. To easily switch between multiple accounts, linking can be done through any type of account.
  2. Go to UCP > Linked Accounts, select "Account Linking" to add a new link, and enter the user name and passwords.
  3. If you want to remove links, this can be accomplished by clicking on "Account management" under the same Linked Accounts tab.
  4. When browsing the forums, you can change logins by clicking the dropdown menu containing the current user name.
    On desktop: Account switching on desktop
    On mobile: Account switching on mobile
  5. Be careful when swapping accounts; if you are in the middle of writing a reply, switching an account will cause you to lose any entered text. Save or copy the text then switch accounts as needed.
  6. New accounts to be linked must be registered.

Signatures and Avatars

  1. Signature images have a maximum size of 1500 by 400 pixels. To credit an artist or source for signatures, use the "Signature Credit" field from the UCP.
  2. Avatars have a maximum size of 300 by 300 pixels. To credit an artist or source for avatars, use the "Avatar Credit" field from the UCP.
  3. Generally speaking, there are no additional requirements for signatures or avatars. You do not need have either, but if you would like to add a visual representation of your character, it can be traditional, digital, real life images, anime, etc. However, Khy'eras does have a strong preference for traditional and digital art. If the chosen picture does not exactly fit the description of a Khy'eras' race, use your profile to expand on specific details.
  4. In relation to the above, if we receive a report that an image needs to be removed (perhaps it's been uploaded unrightfully), it will be taken down as soon as the staff is able to. Therefore, it is best to err on the side of caution and ask an artist for permission.
  5. The width of graphics in topics will automatically resize to fit the forum design.
  6. Avatars or signatures may not contain nudity. Refer to the rules here (General #6).