1. Khy'eras is a welcoming a place for all types of folk. That being said, any form of Out of Character harassment, racism, or misconduct will not be tolerated in any of the site's venues (i.e. forum and Discord chat).
  2. Be able to know the difference between Out of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC) actions. While it is not acceptable to be rude or hateful OOC, a person's character may be portrayed as hateful, racist, arrogant, etc. These personalities are typically not representative of how players feel about the rest of the community. If you are unsure if a person is crossing this line, staff is here to help.
  3. While Khy'eras' staff will attempt to be watchful and conscious of what's transpiring, we do have lives outside the game and cannot see everything all the time. If someone is causing you discomfort or projecting an unwarranted lack of respect, contact a member of staff through PM or by using the contact form.
  4. If you have reached out to a staff member, give the team time to evaluate reports as they arise. We understand that particular matters require swifter attention than others, but we also want to be fair.
  5. Should you feel the need to defend yourself prior to staff intervention, be civil in your response despite any frustrations. Fighting back with harsh words can complicate incidents that may have otherwise been resolved peacefully.
  6. Any images posted on the site (i.e. signatures, avatars, graphics within topics, etc.) may not contain nudity. If you would like to share an image that may be NSFW ("Not Safe for Work"), use the "hidden" BBCode. For example: [hidden]Content goes here.[/hidden]
  7. The Private Messages feature may not be used as a form of advertisement for sites.
  8. Do not try to find rule loopholes to bend a situation in your favor. Realize that staff may have made mistakes in Khy'eras' content. If you have questions, it is better to ask first.
  9. Our Discord should not be an avenue to list writing preferences, triggers, and information that you personally feel is important. It will get lost in chat and people will forget. For these things, please use the many custom fields provided in the User Control Panel or even plotting and tracking threads.

On Writing

  1. Written work posted on Khy'eras should be original content. Basically, do not plagiarize.
  2. Khy'eras' is rated 3-3-3 on the RPG Rating scale for language, sex, and violence, so we are very open to all topics. Therefore, you must be 18 years or older to join the site and participate.
  3. While we do not enforce trigger warnings, if you sense that your post may cause another person to feel uneasy, tag your topics by using the "Topic description" field. For example: [Mature], [Violence], or "This post contains mature content". As an alternative, you may hide content with the "hidden" BBCode.
  4. On the opposite spectrum, be aware that not everyone may know what causes a person distress. To help solve this issue, use the "Writer Preferences" field accessible from your User Control Panel.
  5. Be respectful to fellow writers by planning things out and communicating. Surprising players is fine, but always give the opportunity to respond. No one enjoys writing with a "god moder" - an unruly person who takes control or decides for others. Excessive god moding is frowned on and forbidden; these actions may be rolled back and topics locked until the damage is fixed.
  6. There is no word count. Write as little or as much as desired. However, there may be quests, events, or achievements that require you to write a specified amount.
  7. Khy'eras has a flexible timeline for creating stories. Posts may happen in the past, present, or near future and a character can be in multiple threads at a time. When writing in the future, do not go distantly ahead into the unforeseen (for example: ten, twenty, one hundred years). With overlapping threads, we only ask that a writer is cautious not to confuse members with placement of events.

Mature Content

  1. Intimate or adult scenes should always be placed inside the "hidden" BBCode making sure the content is inaccessible to guests. For example: [hidden]Content goes here.[/hidden]
  2. A person may never - under any circumstance - force another person to write a sexual act. Anyone has the right to "fade to black" in which certain events were assumed to have happened.
  3. Although we allow freedom of the written word, there are exceptions such as, you may not write out sexual scenes with characters under the age of 18.