Exploration Point
Tviyr, Ninraih, and Irtuen Reaches
General Location:
Surrounds the realm of Khy'eras
Approximate Size:


Clinging to Khy'eras is a vast and imposing blanket of cerulean depths, the ocean known as Res'lora Azure. "Res'lora" - an ancient word from the Eidolon Pheriss - means "shroud" and with "azure", the ocean's name roughly translates to "Shroud of Blue". It is curious that Pheriss chose such a label, for when the Eidolon perished at the hand of Bhelest, the ocean was coated with a dense, unmanageable mist. Even to the current day - even past Bhelest's own demise - the mist still lingers about two hundred miles away from shoreline. This tract of deep-rooted fog has made extensive sea voyages near impossible. However, expeditions away from the reaches of the mist is a capable task and sailors chart their sea routes guided by the perimeters of Khy'eras.

Res'lora Azure's waters are typically calm, though the western reaches along Fellsgard have seen turbulent and towering waves accompanied by fierce storms, especially so during the summer months. Another threat that prevents folk from roaming the ocean is Nihegora - Bhelest's long-lost pet hydra - that vanished into the ocean. People fear that the immense beast is lurking beneath the waters ready for the day when an unfortunate sailor will lead the hydra back home... to Khy'eras.

Mist, storms, and fables aside, constant attempts are made to chart the waters by brave and daring (or foolish) souls. Far out into the ocean, all manner of interesting marine life can be unearthed - both great and small - including the ever-elusive merfolk and sirens. The waters of Res'lora Azure reach to unimaginable fathoms, just waiting for eager souls to explore and unveil its bountiful hidden treasures.