Favored Weapons:
Staffs, wands, daggers
Favored Armor:
Cloth with no shields
Magic Aptitude:
Favors Primal spells, in particular Ignimancy, Aquamancy, and Caelimancy
Stat Modifiers:
1 HP, 3 MP


The moment is precious to a Sorcerer and in any of those containing seconds, they unleash untamed spells with a simple motion of hands and fingers. Sorcerers were spewed onto Khy'eras when Bhelest sold magic to the masses. This class then further expanded its ranks when magic became a free and rampant energy source. With a lack of user manuals and proper teachers, young Sorcerers flung magic quickly and recklessly, but did so, strangely enough, with success. They were nicknamed the "Barbarians of Magic" for their deep ferocity and passion when it came to anything magic related.

While unalike magic users may view the Sorcerer as a careless entity, a Sorcerer's powers are innate and the energy runs through their veins as if part of the blood stream. Their magical projections are fueled by ancestral roots. Without a doubt, there are instances when even the Sorcerer is surprised by the spell they have cast, but with a dive into knowledge, energetic flows can be traced back to certain, explainable histories. It is a pity that the Sorcerer typically does not allot days or even hours into these investigations and hardly, if ever, sets aside time to study spells and their possible repercussions.