Exploration Point
Tviyr and Ninraih
General Location:
Between Baslehr Ridge and the southern point of Khy'eras
Approximate Size:
160 miles longitudinally and 177.5 miles latitudinally


Although the name of this place suggests otherwise, the Preldova Narrows is a spacious and lengthy stretch of sea above Baslehr Ridge, but below the regions of Tviyr and Ninraih. When sailing from Fellsgard or any other harbor, as a person travels along the southern coast of Khy'eras, the quickest circuit is to go through the Preldova Narrows. However, this route is frequently avoided because of the chain of islands spanning from Baslehr Ridge to the mainland.

The islands are scattered with massive and pointed stone pillars that protrude from the ground, the highest being roughly 500 feet tall, leaving little room to dock along the shore. The islands essentially act as a sort of gate; the gaps between the islands are very rocky and can be perilous. A common fear is that stone from the pillars will break off and destroy passing ships. Broader vessels will seek alternative courses or attempt to wait until the ocean waters have risen. When the pillars are successfully navigated through, voyagers claim that they have recognized faces in the stone peering down at them. But then again, these may just as well be tall tales from drunken sailors.