Exploration Point
Tviyr and Ninraih
General Location:
South of Tviyr and southwest of Ninraih, separated from Khy'eras' main continent
Approximate Size:
157.5 miles longitudinally and 170 miles latitudinally


Years after the genesis of the Korcai race and the abandonment of the Erair Manor, Khy'eras' largest southern island remained relatively untouched with the exception of roaming bandits and nomads. In 44 AoN, House Sidrioh from Fellsgard and chief representatives from Ajteire met and agreed to divide the country with the slightly larger chunk of land going to Ninraih. Together, the regions named the area Baslehr Ridge for all of its southern and northeastern cliffs that overlook the oceans.

Although it has been claimed by Tviyr and Ninraih, the abundant miles of Baslehr Ridge do not contain any static villages or cities. The stretches of rolling hills that decorate the landscape do seem inviting, but the most travelers will commit to while on the ridge is camping for a few days at a time. This is because on the southern side, where a collection of Ninraih jungles have matured, the Erair Manor is positioned at the perimeter of the trees. The estate remains forsaken for its haunted tales and warnings and no initiative has been made to demolish the building. Folk believe that the manor has poisoned the land neighboring - that the animals in the corrupted jungle are the most vicious of all. Thus, any adventurers, no matter how foolhardy, stick to the subdued Tviyr zone of Baslehr Ridge.