Exploration Point
General Location:
Southeast Ninraih on Baslehr Ridge
Approximate Size:
7.5 miles longitudinally and 7.5 miles latitudinally (37.5 square miles)


Last owned by Victoria Erair, Mother of Korcai, the Erair Manor is an impressive and secluded building located on Ninraih's section of Baslehr Ridge. For generations it was passed down by the noble and wealthy Erair family who produced and sold weaponry of excellent craftmanship and quality. Having been bred and born around blades, Victoria honed herself into a master of combat and forged an alliance with Bhelest, offering discounted deals on weapons.

Soon following this pact, Victoria's family died leaving the manor in her hands. Perhaps it was loneliness that clung to her soul - masked behind a wall of fortitude - that made Victoria constantly seek solace and a romanticized relationship with Bhelest. The mage's trickery would eventually be her downfall, leading to her own death and the birth of the blood thirsty Korcai.

After turning Undead, Victoria slaughtered the manor guards and left the grounds abandoned to hunt the man that betrayed her. These days, the three-story Erair Manor is unoccupied, except by wraiths, dire wolves (some rabid), and foolish souls needing an odd and free place to catch a wink of sleep. Masses of stone walls, gates, and shrubbery surrounding the building have collapsed and inside, blood still stains the pathways and hallways with no one caring to clean or repair the residence. If there are any Erair weapons remaining, treasure seekers have marooned these blades where they lie, feeling that they might be cursed.

From a distance, folk claim that they have seen Victoria drifting in and out of the manor, assuming that she retires in the dusky basement when the need arises. If a hunter braves the basement, they might be able to murder Victoria and end the Korcai curse forever. These are useless ideas though as no one has truly seen Victoria and no one is capable of descending into the basement.