Exploration Point
General Location:
North Ninraih
Approximate Size:
77.5 miles longitudinally and 110 miles latitudinally


Along the northern coast of Ninraih the edges of Khy'eras have twisted into an enormous, skewed crescent shape. Inside this hollow, water from the ocean deposits and gathers to form the vast Cetnisadel Bay. On the right side, between the bay's shore and three islands floating just off the mainland, there are ten paltry wharfs where ships may moor. Unlike Fellsgard's harbor, the inclusion of ports has not made Cetnisadel Bay a bustling, city-like place. There are two shops to purchase fishing bait and tackle; a shop for repair supplies; a single, substantially sized inn; a pair of taverns; and five quaint two-story houses for the folk who do work and reside at the bay. Beyond that, the area serves only as a place to dock and perhaps head to Ajteire.

The waters of the Cetnisadel Bay share qualities with the rest of the ocean with a few exceptions. While a trawler can catch delicious and exotic fish inside the bay, it has become a place that octopuses have claimed as their home. And in traditional Ninraih fashion, like the plentiful plants and animals native to the area, these aquatic beasts can grow to become giants. Eyewitnesses say they have observed the octopuses growing sixty feet or greater in length.

Besides marine life, near and along the northwestern curve, the Cetnisadel Bay hosts a stretch of vibrant coral reef, at least 100 miles long. The reef is generally left alone to not disturb its fragile state, but it has been explored by denizens on occasion. Plants and water deposits from the coral reef have been fused into potions, creating effective healing brews and vaccines. In fact, when Misanyt attempted to plague the population of Khy'eras, the cure was sourced mostly from Cetnisadel Bay's reef.