Exploration Point
General Location:
Southwest Ninraih outside the jungle perimeter
Approximate Size:
2.5 miles longitudinally and 7.5 miles latitudinally (18.75 square miles)


As a transportation hub located outside of a city, Ninraih Station is a quaint structure with a rectangular stone platform that allows passengers to board a train to a destination of their choosing. The building itself is crafted of gray colored wood and contains three rooms: a ticket booth with a single door for the cashier to enter and exit, an operations room, and a storage area. Also attached to the station is a narrow, three-story inn on the left side and general store resembling a one room shed on the right side. There is not much else to view at Ninraih Station except a meager stable with limited stalls and occasional merchants that set up temporary shops inside tents. The entire business is managed by a modest staff, no bigger than 25 people consisting chiefly of Kerasoka Elves and Humans.

At Ninraih Station, a person cannot buy a ticket to Ajteire's gates, but they can procure a train ticket that transits them to Fellsgard or Verdant Row. While not currently in the works, with enough funding the station would eventually like to extend their land and construct an airship port.