Heartbroken Socks Inn

Verdant Row can be chaotic or peaceful to a fatigued adventurer. Managed by spirits, this town serves as a temporary stop for a person to rest and eat. If there is no trouble about, a stay here is lovely, due to the nearby picturesque scenery. Read more...
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Heartbroken Socks Inn

Post by Memoria »

Perhaps the strangest building in Verdant Row, Heartbroken Socks Inn is a jumble of disjointed ideas and thoughts from the spirits that crafted it. What does that mean exactly? Well, to start, the name of the building has no real significance or motivational history behind it. When it was being built by the spirits, the aimless undead got stuck in a loop of repeating the words "heartbroken" and "socks" and as no one living could understand what they were trying to convey for the six days this chanting went on, the combination of words stuck. The naming is not the only factor in the uniqueness of the building though.

As an early Verdant Row building, the spirits that had recently risen were confused and just getting a handle on how to create to the best of their abilities. Heartbroken Socks Inn is a tall and narrow structure of four floors consisting of multiple staircases, some of these ending before they reach the next floor. The third floor has a low ceiling at about five and a half feet where only a Fae or Dwarf could feel reasonably comfortable. The fourth layer is a tower clinging to the northeastern side with a spiral staircase that leads into an observatory with a domed ceiling. The second floor has rooms scattered about and people can rent these to stay the night in Verdant Row, but they are puzzling in nature. Lamps or gazebos in the middle, beds suspended from walls or bathtubs made into beds, stoves as the only objects, open floorboards that are dark and seem to go to nowhere, etc.

All that aside, the first floor is pretty average (minus the staircases to nowhere) and is full of tables to sit at and have a drink. Heartbroken Socks Inn doesn't offer food, but it does boast having the most ancient and aged drinks in all of Khy'eras, this including a selection of fine wines, scotch, whisky, and bourbon. Several tables are devoted to card games like poker where people can freely gamble, an event that routinely ends in arguments and brawls, sending crowds of folks tumbling out into the streets. To top it off, a spirit in the corner plays piano tunes endlessly with a song lineup that is predominantly jovial in sound, undeterred by the word "heartbroken" in the name of the tavern.

Note: You may use this thread to introduce characters or meet new characters. Staff (as they have time permitting) will likely create NPCs to respond to posts.
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A regular at the Heartbroken Socks Inn

Post by Villix Corinthia »

On the top floor of the Heartbroken Socks Inn you will find a small but functional observatory. Inside the room, various scientific and alchemical instruments sit, collecting dust from the opened sliding door from which a rudimentary telescope extends. Below the telescope, a quaint exterior balcony, just large enough to fit a white wicker rocking chair and a three-legged wooden end table.

On this night, a translucent figure rests, reclining effortlessly on the old piece of furniture; his right leg crossing his left at the knee. It’s been almost 50 years since Villix Corinthia, the adept but reclusive alchemist and summoner, made the fateful journey from the serenity of his forest home to the relative bustle of Verdant Row in hopes of selling a few potions or salves to the local travelers. He gazes from the observatory towards the fading light in the west, pondering the last time he watched the sunset with mortal eyes. His thoughts meander to his old forest dwelling which, by now, must be crumbling and dilapidated, and his animal friends who used to help him gather ingredients. He knows they have passed to the spirit realm but remembering them offers a familiar nostalgia.

With a single ancient word and a rotating flick of his wrist, a small stoat instantly materializes on the ornate balcony railing. A light breeze lifts its sleek brown fur and his eyes fill with a spark of life.

“What shall we do this evening, Stu?”, Villix asks, his message silently traversing the short distance between his ethereal mind and the weasel’s enthusiastic consciousness.

“I runs and jumps!” Stu replies with delight.

Villix grins widely, “Yes! That seems an excellent plan!”

Stu moves swiftly, zigzagging back and forth amongst the balusters, his tiny paws ambulating with grace and fury.

Villix musters a slight grin and encourages his agile friend, “Well done, Stu! Well done!”

Ever so steadily, the evening passes, Stu tenaciously darting through the observatory’s tiny obstacles and Villix watching him play. The old ghost even manages a quiet chuckle when Stu deftly navigates a particularly complex collection of alchemy glasswork and celebrates his accomplishment with a triumphant chatter.

Only later, when his energy wanes, does Stu’s rambunctious racing come to an end. He slowly climbs the back of the wicker rocker and curls himself snuggly atop the padded chair back.

Widely stretching his tiny jaws and letting out the smallest of yawns, Stu makes a drowsy mental plea, “I get hugs?”

Villix turns and smiles, hiding how the question wounds him, “Not tonight Stuart, we’ll save up all the hugs for the morning.”

The resting stoat’s eyes begin to close as his dreamy reply reaches Villix, “I can’t waits! I can’t waits...”

Instinctively, Villix reaches for his sleeping friend, and just as his fingers begin to pass through the tiny dozing form, Stuart, the most loyal of his companions, fades from existence...

After a moment of wistful thought, Villix slowly conjures the stoat again.

“What shall we do this evening, Stu?” Villix asks,

“I runs and jumps!” Stu fervently answers.

Villix forces up another smile and looks upon the excited creature with regretful eyes, “An excellent plan, Stu, an excellent plan indeed…”
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Re: Heartbroken Socks Inn

Post by NPC »

Villix would not be without living company for too long, at least not on this night. Throughout the inn's hallways, the sound of heavy footsteps and labored breathing became more audible as a presence drew nearer to the observatory. Right outside the room's door the breathing and steps were nearly silenced. There was a quick knock on the door and then it creaked open, revealing a rounded man who wobbled into the room. The breathing sounds commenced again as the man moved through the door frame to the beds where he flopped down, releasing a very loud sigh and then once relaxed, an overdue and long, muffled, whistle-sounding fart.

"Ahhh, that's much better," he said. He then reached into his pocket, grabbed a handkerchief and wiped at his sweat soak forehead. Clearly, he was out of shape and exercise was not in the man's daily routine. In cleansing his brow, he realized that he was not alone, that Villix and Stu were on the opposite side of the room.

"Oh, excuse me!" the man exclaimed. "Didn't see you there, buddy, but can you blame me? Not that I mind sharing a room with a Ghost, but sometimes you folk are just so difficult to see."

The man waved a hand, either to be dismissive or clear any foul-smelling air.

"You don't mind if I take the bed, do you? I don't keep up with the latest news too well, but from my understanding, your type doesn't need to sleep. I asked for a room with a view and this is what the spirits gave me. Had me climbing up all the way to the fourth floor which isn't too nice, considering the hallways of this place are congested and thin. Got stuck a few times and thought I might have to go back down and get some butter to grease me up so I could slide through the halls."

He let out a laugh, mostly at his own expense. "Well, being as how we are roommates for the night, my name is Bamberellh, but people call me Bamby for short." Bamby was not familiar with the concept of not talking, but he did enjoy hearing about Khy'eras travelers, so he continued. "What brings you to these parts?"
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Re: Heartbroken Socks Inn

Post by Kelwin »

Kelwin had been wandering Khyeras for a few months now so he decided to spend the night in Verdant Row. The heartbroken socks inn was very eclectic. When he approached the front desk he was greeted by a ghostly smile. The woman manning the desk kept blinking in and out of sight as if unsure if he wanted a room. He smile back and asked for a room with a window on this cold night. He was handed a heavy silver key that shined like the moonlight. “Thanks” Kelwin said and bowed formally as he left the desk. Then started heading up the stairs slowly since he was tired.

Unfortunately, the stairs he chose was a fabled stairway to nowhere. He scanned above him and noticed ten feet up a bannister guarding actual rooms. The elf took a few steps back and rushed forward into a front flip. He grasped the bannister and pulled himself up to solid ground. What really surprised him was that the room in front of him was his. With a shrug he entered and noticed a twin bed, fireplace, and a floor lamp that was sticking out of the wall horizontally. He approached the window he asked for and uttered a harsh Lumeacian word as he noticed the window was fused shut making it immovable. The martial artist rolled onto the bed and was asleep quickly forgetting to start a fire.

Kelwin began to dream of a white haired elven boy of perhaps ten years. The youth was happily balancing a small ball of fire in his hands when a older elf approached roughly. The kid smiled and said “Look father …...” some of the child's words could not be heard for some reason.

The elder spit at the youngsters feet and yelled “Bhelest's spawn your no child of mine, I curse you so that all may know your taint!” More mute words followed and the boys hair turned a pale vermillion.

Kelwin woke in shock as cold air hit him from where his window used to be. Surprised, he walked over to the sizable hole and stared out. Suddenly, the smell of smoke hit him and he looked up.
He saw black smoke pouring out of another window above his room. He quickly back-flipped up the side of the building and into the room. The martial artist narrowly avoided the low ceiling and spied a fae man passed out on the floor too close to the flames all around. A moment of clarity hit the elf as he bodily picked up the other man. The young boy from his dreams words came into focus. Clear Lumeacian words where spoken aloud “Fire yearns to consume temper it.”

A buried power Kelwin hadn't known he had rushed to the fore. The fire was suddenly directed out the window by will alone creating a brief visible flamethrower. All that was left in the room was blackened wood. The warrior charged the door knocking it off it's hinges. While protecting the smaller man with his on body. Several more flips brought the pair back to the first floor front desk. Kelwin used more magic to pull the smoke from the fae's lungs. When the small man coughed his savior smiled and passed out. As he lost consciousness he had no idea that his usually pale red hair was stark white while the power was in him. It returned to normal when the supernatural strength was gone.
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"Fire yearns to consume temper it."
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