Favored Weapons:
Musical instruments, bows, whips, short swords, rapiers
Favored Armor:
Light with standard shields/bucklers
Magic Aptitude:
Favors Mental and Defensive spells
Stat Modifiers:
2 HP, 2 MP


As an ancestral class, Bards have been present in Khy'eras' past since Dainyil gifted the realm with art, music, and poetry. Even before the written word became mainstream, Bards recalled stories of adventure and wanderlust, reciting or singing these epics to audiences as they traveled. Frequently, these narratives would become common tales for villagers and because of this, aspiring Bards would head off to seek their own legends and muses.

Although inspirational, the Bard's talent only provided a source of motivation and entertainment. It was not until magic was let loose that the Bard's potential manifested. This change did not happen to every random Bard that picked up a lute and strummed a tune, but for those that did grasp the newfound energy, these Bards discovered themselves to be accommodating to their allies. Whether projected through song, poetry, or a musical instrument, the sound that came from a Bard could to do all sorts of wondrous things, from raising defense, to quickening the senses, and even confusing enemies.

Races that do not use magic naturally (such as Kerasoka and Dwarf) can be Bards, but will need to think of interesting and unique ways that enable their character to perform as the class, without actually using spells.