Golden Words

Faryv's Dawn event

Domrhask, with eight magnificent towers, is Khy'eras' northernmost city governed by Dwarves. A cautious group due to past incidents, Dwarves do not easily invite adventurers inside and disapprove of magic in their city, no matter the type. Read more...
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Golden Words

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Vent decided that this year's Faryv's Dawn would be the one where he showed Goldy how he felt. He never seemed to give her the right impression. The ranger figured if he tried on this special holiday maybe she would understand. He grabbed a piece of parchment and tried to write a poem.

Hair like spun gold far from old. Eyes the brown of fresh turned earth my heart finds mirth. I write this in the hope that you may note my feelings aren't remote. First in my heart we need not be apart. I eagerly await you response from the start.

Trevor had observed his master puzzle over the the written words for hours. He hit his flippers together trying to imitate what humans called clapping. This was in order to cheer Vent on since he could feel his friend's anxiety.

The elemental rolled up the poem and tied it with twine. He couldn't help but smile as his dragon turtle tried to cheer him like a humanoid. "Thanks Trev I appreciate it."

Worries aside he headed to the Bearded Siren after writing Goldena's name on it. He left quickly after being assured his favorite waitress would get it. He simply wasn't brave enough to face her at that time. Unfortunately, Vent didn't realize he never signed his poem to her.
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