Father's Lament

Faryv's Dawn event

Verdant Row can be chaotic or peaceful to a fatigued adventurer. Managed by spirits, this town serves as a temporary stop for a person to rest and eat. If there is no trouble about, a stay here is lovely, due to the nearby picturesque scenery. Read more...
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Father's Lament

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Over the past few weeks Nedira had been doing odd jobs around Verdant Row for the living that passed thru. It wasn't really noteworthy work. However something truly priceless was gained instead, information about the world she found herself in. Major cities, important towns, dominate races and that cultural dance know as religion. Of course most important of all holidays. So you know where the people gather and how sober they'll be on any given day.

The young bard heard tell of an idol who represented love, charm and devotion. The largest exposure she gained about this Faryv's Dawn was several empty confessions. The poor lovesick folk needed to practice these before proclaiming them to a total stranger. She new her beauty was far from common, but she wasn't all looks and no brain. However, she did feel a longing to remember her lost father on such a day.

She spent much of Faryv's Dawn attempting to craft a poem for her father. Hours passed until the sun set. Once night took full command of the sky she made her way to the spot where she first appeared. She had no way of knowing if the place would bring her closer to her adopted father. Still she tried to speak with love's clarity as she uttered her effort aloud.

A child lay broken in the snow.
Hence came a man she did not know.
He seemed angry but his heart showed an inner glow.
Caution was taken as he carried the injured child slow.
Among amateur healer's she did flow.
Yet there was nothing to do for the blow.
Oath was given to return with a true healer in tow.
Right he was and the child was no longer broken in the snow.
Now all that was left was allowing that glow to grow.
For fatherhood is for all that wish to know.

As Nedira released the last verse from her full lips tears began to shine on her cheeks. The night began to brighten sutlely. She barely noticed until the light was impossible to ignore. She looked around as her tears struck the ground. Several smiling spirits that appeared like men filled her vision. They were of many shapes and sizes, but one thing was obvious to her. None of them was Madrin Kir yet somehow she knew. These men were once father's themselves and hers may not be among them. However, she felt that the warrior that raised her was somehow with them in spirit if nothing else. She smiled with such joy in that moment as she felt a warmth surround her that she knew well.
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