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Cirice Vaisha
The Wildling Pirate
48 / 48 HP
32 / 32 MP
0p / 0g / 0s / 75c
Ranger and Rogue
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Physical Features

186 cm
70 kg
Torso / Chest:
Underwhelming and not distracting.
Tanned, tattoo on left cheek
Long, hazelnut
Stern, loud, pronounced
Other Features

Several light scars covering her body. Voice claim

Social Interactions

Romantic Orientation:
Sexual Orientation:
Relationships and Companions

-Estranged family
-Finn Roberts: Annoying friend


Wild and short-tempered. Cirice never learned to properly integrate into civilized societies, merely adding to it. Living as long as she had between pirates also only taught her more bad habits. She is vulgar and blunt, not afraid to tell a person what she thinks. Her fearless attitude and Kerasoka instincts give her a sense of confidence and bravery, making her seem a lot more willing than most to take on bigger targets...and a lot more careful in her approach of said targets.

As a huntress she is also very patient, not bothered to wait a long time before she can get what she wants. She also doesn't see much value in those she sees as beneath her, though that's not to say she doesn't care about anyone at all. When it comes to her crew and people she cares for, she has a massive heart and deeply cares for them, even if that is hidden under a harsh and rough exterior. As a huntress and a pirate, she knows how to inspire fear in people and she knows how valuable a trick it can be.

But in private, she is totally different. A sincere, caring nature and an easy sense of humour make her a treat to hang out with. When not having to deal with the pirate's life, she loves to indulge into some creature comforts and simply relax in whatever ways she wants.




The Sea

Cirice's origins had quite a humble beginning. Born in Ajteire like any other Kerasoka, she was raised to track, hunt, kill and fight to protect herself and her people. She was a phenomenal tracker and devoted a lot of her focus to hone her skills as a huntress as well as a fighter. Though in her free time, she loved to scour the ruins, letting her curiosity drive her forward.

Though her life took an odd turn in her 30's. While scouring some ruins in search of a fleeing animal, she caught the scent of a strange new presence. Far from the city, it was a ship that was anchored in a narrow river close to an old temple she knew well. Curious as ever, she decided to take a closer look. A group of humans were unloading a bunch of boxes, crates and chests.

She approached them with caution and the group was quite alarmed by her presence. But the leader of their group started to talk with her, breaking the ice and helping her understand what they were doing. They were smugglers, pirates, criminals looking for a safe place to store their riches and hide when authorities caught onto their scent. When it came out that she knew the area like the back of her hand, their interest in her grew exponentially.

For several days she came to visit them and talk to them at length about several topics. They then extended their proposition. For her to accompany them. It was immensely tempting for Cirice, a chance to see the world and learn about what else is in it. It was also a great chance to get away from her family who was starting to try and push her more into the role of a farmer. After a day of thinking about it, she agreed.

Over the years they taught her how to navigate the seas and she helped them navigate through tricky rivers and tight spots. She proved to have a talent for sailing and also used her skills to aid them in going through areas that other ships would think to be suicidal. As the years went on, her adoptive crew grew older and finally stepped down, allowing her to take command of the ship. With her new rank, and a wealth of experience on the seas, she went forth into the world, itching to see more, feel the freedom of the open seas, and the satisfaction of taking what she wanted.


Saber, hunting knife and tomahawk, throwing knives, longbow. A Sloop-of-war known as the Harpy, armed with fourteen 'cannons' on each side and an ice ram on the bow for offensive, defensive, and explorative capabilities at sea. Replaced her old Xebec known as the Hellion.


Chainmail, gambeson and leather accents/parts. Light armour that doesn't hinder movement. Only worn when mentioned.

Clothing and Accessories

Various formal and informal outfits. Secret fluffy onesie for self-spoiling situations.


As a huntress, she has learned to be extremely stealthy, from picking up a trail all the way through to landing the killshot. Her fighting form, while not the best, is still very unpredictable, quick and relentless. Her senses and instincts are as sharp as one could expect of her race, allowing her to sniff out her prey, hear them move and even see pretty well in the dark with her glowing golden eyes. Her skills with a blade are not nearly as impressive as her skills with projectile weapons, but very quick and dangerous regardless. Over the years, she's also learned the valuable skill of alchemy, granting her an arsenal of tricks and powers to make up for her lack of magic.

Where she shines in combat, though, are with projectile weapons. Bows, crossbows, throwing knives and slings are some of her favourite weapons to use in a raid. Literal centuries on the seas also honed her skills as a sailor immensely, though this is sometimes held back by the superstitions that came with it.

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