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proof I did art once upon a time


I used to make art. I hope to do so once again. Maybe tomorrow.
Fullstack developer, wife, and keeper of too many furbabies. This all keeps me quite busy sometimes. But a creator's gotta create, amirite?
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I want to write engaging stories with fear, pain, happiness, pleasure, drama, and adventure. Most of all, I want both of us to have a good time. Let me know if you ever become uncomfortable, and I promise to return the favor. I have few limits as long as it is in the name of character development and/or storyline. However, I am in no rush for death. When it comes to scenes that include inhumane treatment, I do take OOC-communication precautions and will check in. Should I ever start to feel uncomfortable, you bet I'll reach out OOCly so we can come to a conclusion based on the situation. At that point, I may request we close curtains and seal them with summary posts.

I am a storyline-RPer with themes that favor the mature side and put a strong emphasis on the separation of IC and OOC. If our characters exchanges are always negative, if not out right hostile, I - the player - will always remain a friend and easily approached.

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