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Physical Features

170 pounds
Teowolf has an athletic-toned built body.
His skin tone is of honey color in his Aura form.
In his aura form, he has two scars alongside his eyes going from his nose across his eye.
Short brown hair that shows a bit of a wild side in the front but with his right and left sides shaved.
In his aura form, his eyes are green.
Other Features

Teowolf has the gift of switching between two force forms of primal magical energy. His first form is from his father, Terramancy. His form is covered in leaves and bark. His skin and leaves take the color of orange, brown, green, and red. The leaves and bark give off the presence of armor for his skin. His hair is made of leaves that take a similar shape from his aura form but his sides are not shaved and it's a full head of hair. Teowolf's skin under the leaves and bark is a green texture. His eyes glow a mixture of orange and red.

His second form is from his mother, Ventimancy. His form shifts into a light blue skin tone as symbols of lines appear throughout his body and face. His eyes are pure white and his hair grows long as its color changes to a mixture of blue and green. His body radiates a light mist that represents his connection to the air. Based on his attitude and emotion, cracks of electricity may appear throughout the mist as if the storm was beginning to form.

Social Interactions

Romantic Orientation:
Sexual Orientation:
Relationships and Companions

Father: Cathbad Boreus (Terramancy Elemental) Chief Druid of the Village
Age: 100
Mother: Milcah Boreus (Ventimancy Elemental)
Age: 85
Sister: Sallyanne Boreus (Ventimancy Elemental)
Age: 13
Brother: Lochru Boreus (Terramancy Elemental)
Age: 30

Teowolf has a wolf animal companion named Hawk. Teowolf saved Hawk as a baby when poachers were trying to hunt down a pack of wild wolfs within the jungle. Hawk is jet black with silver eyes. Hawk has been with Teowolf since the attack and is very protective over Teowolf.


Teowolf presents himself as friendly and calm toward things around him. He has an eager attitude for a willingness to travel and explore the land that Ixaziel made. When it comes to friends in the village, he is very competitive and enjoys laughing. Believes in lessons from the gods and does his best to act in a way that would please them. When it comes to his village, family, friends, and nature, Teowolf is very protective. At first glance, he may look standoffish to those he doesn't recognize and is trying to determine if you are an ally or an enemy. When it comes to protecting, Teowolf feels invincible and will do things without truly thinking of the consequences. He will act first and ask for forgiveness later. His magic as an elemental gives him confidence that he can do anything.



It has been known by his parents and village that the deities of Dainyil, Ixaziel, Ny'tha, Pheriss, and Ristgir are the ancestors of Elementals. Through adapting to the birth of elementals, the village of Elekai is a firm believer of the gods and they have granted them their ability to be born in their image. The village itself worships all of the gods but it is known that each elemental connects with one god more than the others. Everyone respects each god fairly and follows lessons from each of them. For Teowolf, his connection to Ixaziel has made him who he is. The druid that connects to the nature around him. Protecting life from unwanted danger and making sure that nothing disrupts the balance of life.


Middle of Ninraith, in a village called Elekai. Home to a small group of elementals.
Journeys through Ninraith, seen in Ajteire and his home village.

Teowolf was born in the small elemental village in the middle of Ninraih called Elekai. It is known to be a small haven for elementals alike. His father is the chief druid of this village alongside the elders who advise the chief. Teowolf was raised to become a druid like his father, to be a protector of life itself. His village believes in the gods and it was respected by everyone that lived there. In this village, they believe they all had lessons to give and share. Teowolf had a connection to Ixaziel who helped shaped his beliefs and made him who he was today. All things were created with life, nature, trees, plants, and the land itself. Teowolf wanted to explore the land and make a name for himself. In order to become chief of the village, one must make a name for themselves and bring back honor to the village. Teowolf knew he needed to make a name for himself. He wanted to prove to his family that he could do anything. As he grew up, Teowolf went through basic combat training that allows him to handle himself when he isn't able to use magic. He liked how quick and easy daggers felt. He wasn't the best at using a bow but he could hit a target that was not moving. He grew to love his community and always enjoyed competitive games around the village with his friends. As he aged into an adult at 15, Teowolf needed to craft his weapon that would be a source of his identity. It was the tradition in their village. There Teowolf made a journey to an old tree that was whispered to be blessed by Ixaziel. He used this tree to harvest and create a staff. There he infused a light green crystal that embedded itself at the top of the staff. Lastly, he managed to create a scythe at the bottom of the staff. The blade at the bottom of the staff curved outward. A couple of years before he turned 15, Teowolf was gathering materials with a hunting party outside his village. Several poachers were hunting a pack of wild wolves. A black baby wolf seems to be the only survivor, with a violent force, Teowolf had snarred roots from the ground toward the poachers in order to save the wolf. Ever since that day, the wolf had been attached to Teowolf and grown to be very protective of him. Teowolf named the wolf Hawk. By age 18, it was time for Teowolf to begin his journey to make a name for himself. To bring back to his village and family that he could one day become chief of the village. Together, Teowolf and Hawk, set forth through the heavy jungle of Ninraih to explore the land. To see what Ixaziel laid ahead for him. To protect the life of nature. He knew of threats that lay ahead of him. His village had a sworn enemy to the undead. To explore, to protect, and to put the dead to rest was what motivated Teowolf as he made his first steps in creating his story.


Teowolf carries with him several daggers that are hanging around his side. (roughly 3 to 4 daggers). Around his back, he carries a bow with some arrows. His main weapon is his staff that twirled from bark and an ancient tree that is said to be blessed by Ixaziel. A light green crystal resembles in the center of the top of the staff as the branch of the bark and tree swirl around it to fortify the staff. The bottom of the staff shows a thick sharp metal that is curved to look like a scythe.


Light leather armor while wearing a cape that looks like feathers infused with wool.

Clothing and Accessories

Besides his armor, Teowolf would be seen to wear furs and some cloth to help accent the type of furs he is wearing. Mostly anything that feels light for Teowolf. Other clothing would be leather, wool, cloth made from their own harvesting and gathering in the village. He wears a necklace that represents his family's line. A crystal that is twirled with a tree branch. The crystal represents the form of the magical essence of his ancestors while the tree branch represents the life of a druid and how they are to live in this world.


Simple hunting skills, tracking, combat with daggers and swords, archery, and use of his staff with his scythe for close combat. As a druid, he is able to use terramancy and ventimancy magic. He is also known to shapeshift into animals. While practicing the art of his magic and he connects to the magic around him. He is able to use invocation spells and has mainly used to summon lesser elementals around him to protect him when he is in danger. Teowolf also has experience gathering materials for his village.

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