Spooky Sundown

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Spooky Sundown

Post by Memoria »

Let us get into the spirit of October and celebrate the most awesome holiday, Halloween! As some of you may know, Khy'eras can be quite the creepy place with all the zombies and breaching of the undead veil and the abandoned places, etc., etc., etc.. As Khy'eras' first mini-event, the overall objective here is fairly simple: write a short scary story that takes place in one post. There are, however, a few requirements:
  1. Your story submission should be a single post. Consider this achievement a one-shot storyline where your writing has a definite beginning and end.
  2. Minimum word count is 500 words, but you can go above that if you would like.
  3. Feel free to start a new thread in whichever Khy'eras forum you want.
  4. At whatever point you desire, the post must contain the sentence, "After sundown, things were going to get a whole lot worse."
  5. You may submit one entry per character.
  6. On your writer account, reply to this topic with a link to your character entry. If you do not have such an account, please PM me your entry. Your reply may contain multiple character entries or you can reply for each entry.
  7. Submission due date is November 01, 2020.
Besides the above, the rest is up to you! Anyone who participates will automatically get 50 experience, 25 copper, and a pumpkin badge! At the closing of the contest, the community will vote on the top three submissions. The prize line-ups are as follows:
  1. First place: 125 experience, 60 copper, a unique item generated by the admins inspired by the post, and a special rank.
  2. Second place: 100 experience, 50 copper, and a unique item generated by the admins inspired by the post.
  3. Third place: 75 experience and 40 copper.
Any experience and copper rewards for the top three submissions will replace the default rewards.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please post them here!
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Re: Spooky Sundown

Post by Kitty soot_sprite »

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Re: Spooky Sundown

Post by Nirdor »

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Re: Spooky Sundown

Post by Mahkasad »

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Re: Spooky Sundown

Post by Becca »

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