Quest - Fellsgard - Smuggler's Holdout

Located in Trade District, Fellsgard

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Quest - Fellsgard - Smuggler's Holdout

Post by The Unreliable Narrator »

Adventure Awaits
First a brief introduction to the intent. I greatly enjoy Table Top Roleplaying games, and I have spent a good deal of time running adventures for them. I'm looking to run a somewhat guided mini-quest for a few people and see how we like the idea.

If this goes well, might consider organizing something more regular for it or longer form quests.

  1. Calem Sabathe - Non-combatant
  2. Arnim Falwin - Combatant
Due Date: Will begin Nov 28, 2020 or sooner
Looking For: Up to 4 Willing Adventurers
Connections: The Menagerie - Bear
Background: The Bears are looking to hire up to four contractors for a temporary job involving the clearing a hold out of Smugglers and Slavers turned hostile.

The following are just some general examples. We can go forward with any sort of group that assembles. Also not everyone needs to be a combatant, the Bears can easily provide some frontliner support as needed, there will be more going on than just fighting.

Healer|Doctor|Cleric - Active Frontline or Backline support
Rogue|Thief|Infiltrator - Eyes on, High impact, or Trap Circumvention
Fighter|Frontline|Tank - Take Hits, Bust Skulls, Protect People
Magic - Heavily Discouraged, but not disallowed

Additional Notes: This is entirely legal work, the Bears are being hired by the true owners of the warehouses and have dispensation from local watch and government to act as necessary. More information, including how a character becomes involved can be discussed in this thread.
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Re: Quest - Fellsgard - Smuggler's Holdout

Post by TheDJCJ »

I'm happy to place Calem in here - non-combatant, but definitely there to help heal up people. About time the doctor got to do some good adventurable doctoring!
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Re: Quest - Fellsgard - Smuggler's Holdout

Post by Nirdor »

This sounds like the kind of thing Arnim would do for free. I would like to offer him as a tank/secondary healer. He did promise Calem help if needed with adventuring.
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