A new challenger approaches!

Feeling new and lost in the woods? Stop by and post a topic introducing yourself! How did you get to Khy'eras? What's your favorite song, movie, food, drink, etc.? How long have you been roleplaying? Write as little or as much as you want.
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A new challenger approaches!

Post by Izzy »

Hi everyone! I'm Izzy!

I've popped over on the Discord and already regaled those there with photos of my delightful cats, but I figure I'd come here and introduce myself officially too! No kitty photos here, though. You'll have to catch me on Discord for that. ;)

I'm a fairly casual roleplayer. I usually use third person when writing and flip flop between past and present tense depending on the scene. I feel like my writing is still a bit stiff so I'm really working on adding tone and interest to it!

Usually when I'm writing, I lean towards shorter posts to really keep the scene moving, as I feel that mimics real life better: 1 action per person at a time. When I'm itching for something longer, I usually write with a person in PMs in rapidfire (like bare bones actions and dialogue) and then coalesce the details and expand on things in my posts. But those are my own preferences. I'll gladly match whoever I write with because it's a new opportunity to push my boundaries and learn!

I hope to get along with everyone here and come up with some fun stories. <3
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