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The construction of Khy'eras and all of its content has been a diligent process spanning over five years or so (thus far). Despite the amount of time and effort put into this forum game, it is not yet complete. As with most creative works, Khy'eras can certainly grow and improve upon itself by developing new features for its members. Below is an ongoing list - in no particular order - of fun stuff that's in the works.

Want to suggest something for the roadmap? Start a topic in our Feedback forum using the provided form.

In Progress
  • A job system for making money and a small amount of experience. Opposite of the achievement system.
  • Lore submission system.
  • Special ranks and badges for completed storylines, quests, and achievements.
  • Random character generator.
  • Additional stats besides HP and MP based on a free allocation system.
  • Level-locked areas and dungeons.
  • Shops where characters can purchase armor, weapons, or other items.
  • Land plots for purchase.
  • "Places of Interest" for each city.
  • Background information on non-playable races.
  • Quests!!!
  • A fighting / combat system with possible random enemy encounters.
  • A description of Khy'eras' ocean and how to navigate. Maybe even naming of the oceans!
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