Curios, Curiosities, and Collector's Items

Fellsgard is the foundation of Khy'eras' history and through reconstruction, it is now a vibrant and lively city. People reside here due to mild climate, opportunities, and safety and stability. Adventures often start from Fellsgard. Read more...
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Calem Sabathe
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Re: Curios, Curiosities, and Collector's Items

Post by Calem Sabathe »

In all his years working as a doctor and a humanitarian, Calem had learnt an important lesson - the smallest of gestures can grow into something grand. Throw a stone in a lake, and watch the waves ripple out, spreading across the entire lake. Help one man - say, a good-natured if unfortunate rogue - and watch as that event changes an entire dockland. Maybe only a little, but there had been a few times that the sailors now had greeted him, perhaps considering him a good-luck charm (or at least as one who offered aid from the evils of the world). Calem's weakness in that regard was that he rarely thought ahead about his actions. He just wanted to help people, to make them smile, and make the world a little brighter for a time. Perhaps it was that nature that was leading him now.

He managed to catch up to Vanessa, exhausted from running as hard as he had - and yet the bouquet of flowers was still nearly perfect. Calem was trying to catch his breath as he held out the bouquet to her. "For--you. Flowers. They're pretty. You're pretty." Calem was blushing furiously, struggling to catch his breath and look Vanessa in the eye at the same time. Of course words failed him at precisely the wrong time. Something about Vanessa just always seemed to take his mind away. Something about the glow in her eyes, that slight grin that promised the entire world could be hers if she so wanted. Her confidence was intoxicating.

As he barely managed to catch his breath, he managed to get his senses back enough to realize she was saying something as she approached. "--asked to join the expedition. You needn't try to bribe me with gifts."

"Wait--what?" Expedition? Vanessa had mentioned something about one in her note. But join...was she asking him to come with her? A million thoughts flashed through his mind, each trying to be the first to come out of his tongue-tied mouth, but before any of them could, Vanessa's arms wrapped around him and they all seemed to vanish as she whispered her velvet tones in her ear. "I--" He was supposed to say something at this point, but he couldn't figure out what. "...glad you like them..." he whispered as he found himself walking in step with the professor towards the building she pointed out. Her words only served to keep him blushing at this point (though he couldn't help but smile, her words bringing memories of pleasant times).

It was only when he was halfway through dealing with the outfitters that he realized what he was being pulled into. An expedition? To where exactly? How long would they be gone? Granted, Calem had managed to negotiate some time off from working at the hospital, but they wouldn't wait forever. And with a group of people that Calem had never met before - granted, he knew a few of the sailors from his time helping Artemis at East Hall, but all of the ones nearby had been giving him such strange looks. Especially that other woman Vanessa had been talking to, the one who'd given him such a glare. Was she one of the crew members too, already prepared to dismiss him? How on earth was he going to survive? The instinct to try and get out of this situation hit him full force like a truck.

He looked over at Vanessa, sitting nearby and also organizing her own supplies. She was completely focused on preparing her own supplies. Even in the face of so many unknowns she seemed so prepared - thrilled, even - to explore any potential aspect of the world. Her confidence, even now, was just as intoxicating as the first time he'd met her. Maybe that was what calmed Calem at first, but there was something else too - his own desire for adventure, long buried in old tales and romances, was slowly coming to the surface. For the first time ever, he had the chance to go on an adventure - to learn about the world and the people outside Fellsgard, even to learn more about magic. To finally find a place to practice magic away from suspicious and paranoid minds. The realization came with a slight warmth coursing through his blood - as if the magic that he'd read about and hidden deep inside himself might have a chance to be released. With that, Calem made up his mind.

"I've never been on a ship before..." Calem spoke to her. "I always wanted to see the sea though. Well, I mean, you can see it from the docks but I don't mean that, I mean..." Damn it all, the words still didn't come out quite right, whenever he was around her. "I always wanted to see what the sea looked like, from the middle of it. On a ship. It must be beautiful, watching the waves." He paused, trying to consider his words. "If you think I can be of help. Real help, I mean. I'd like to come with you." Calem smiled, though it was quickly replaced with another questioning look. "But where are we going? You didn't really mention in your note."
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Cirice Vaisha
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Re: Curios, Curiosities, and Collector's Items

Post by Cirice Vaisha »

Cirice was rather taken back by Vanessa's demand to let the new arrival come along. At least it wasn't coming out of her pocket and, if her statement was true, this doctor Sabathe would be a valuable asset on the voyage. Finally time for someone else to play 'doctor' when a crewman falls out of the rigging. Still, she didn't like this challenging of authority on her ship.

She watched as Vanessa ran off to meet her boyfriend and escort him away. Like a statue she stood by the ramp and waited for them to go about their business. It was taking longer than she would have liked. Her foot started to tap against the deck as she stared at the building they entered. Mercer, her quartermaster, came to a halt beside her and joined in on the staring. "You look like you want to throw them overboard already." he commented idly. "Don't give me ideas, Mercer." she quipped with a glance at him, earning a hollow laugh from him as he turned to go tend to something else.

When the two lovebirds eventually returned to the ship, Cirice was still standing by the ramp and waiting for them. "Finally decided to join us?" she teased Vanessa with a smug look. Her gaze then drifted to the doctor as she got a closer look at him. She was starting to feel like a giant with these people. "Doctor Sabathe..." She held out a hand for him to shake. "Captain Cirice Vaisha. Welcome aboard the Harpy. I hope the professor's praises of your medical skills are true." she introduced herself with a firm handshake. "You two can share a quarters. Now, unless there are other interruptions, I'd like to get this raft out of the harbour." She spun on her heel and made her way to the quarterdeck.

"Alright ladies, let's cast off!" she roared and her crew got to work. Several voices filled the air as orders, shouts and calls filled the deck.

The sails dropped and the ship rolled forwards, quickly picking up speed as the Harpy's crew clambered through the rigging and made sure everything was ready. Soon a voice started up and the crew soon joined in as song filled the deck of the ship. Cirice stood by the helm, softly humming along to the shanty while she steered the ship. As the waves grew and slammed into the ship, a broad grin formed as she stared ahead. Soon they were clear of Fellsgard's borders and out on the open sea. "Professor, doctor!" she called to the new arrivals as she let go of the helm and walked to her cabin. "Please join me." she invited them as she opened the door and beckoned them inside.

She gestured to the comfortable chairs in front of her desk as she poured each of them a glass of whiskey. After placing the glasses in front of them, she took her own glass and dropped into the massive chair behind the desk. "Doctor, I'll ask that you heave your guts overboard if the waves get to you. Now professor, I'll need a heading." she quipped with a smile before her attention turned to Vanessa. "What will you need? If you need alchemical ingredients, you'll find my ship to be well stocked." she offered her politely as she took a long sip of her drink.

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