The Womanizer on the Waves (Faryv's Dawn Event)

Faryv's Dawn event submission for Khier Seafoam, known scoundrel to his crewmates (though not to his misses).

Not all adventures will take occur in charted cities or the main land. Neighboring Khy'eras are islands and mist-filled oceans begging to be explored, should a person be brave enough.
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The Womanizer on the Waves (Faryv's Dawn Event)

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As the red-painted ship crests another wave, before crashing down once more and sending a spray of salty foam and water flying high into the pounding rain, a small monkey with a tiny golden bracelet scampers across one of the cabins, fetching a treat tossed by the cabin's other inhabitant. Khier Seafoam looks away from the chimp, and back to the paper in his hands, chuckling at the similarities between the storm outside, and what might happen should this letter end up in the wrong hands.

By the many high seas, I've seen beautiful sights,
And I've sailed for whole weeks, looking out day and night,
But I've yet to meet a view more beautiful than the eyes
Of you, so far away, my dearest Elyse.

Signing the paper, with a prayer to no god or idol in particular - not that he thought they held much sway here, though perhaps Faryv himself could keep him from misfortune in the letter's delivery. He would certainly need all the help he could get, however, should this end with the wrong girl - he did have five more such pieces to write, after all.

The thunder crashes outside, and Khier continues to write, oblivious to the trouble these letters would net him in.
Word count: 211
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